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Roborock S7 Arrives In Malaysia With New All-Rubber Brush And Sonic Mopping; Priced At RM2,199

roborock S7

The Roborock S7 has officially been announced by Roborock Malaysia, being the successor to the original Roborock S5 and S6 series. It features one of the fastest sonic mops on the market with an intelligent automatic lift for a powerful, seamless cleaning experience.

Roborock S7

Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 is dubbed as one of the fastest sonic mops on the market, where it offers a variety of high-intensity scrub settings from 1,650 times/min to 3,000 times/min, easily disintegrating surface dirt and breaking up even the toughest, dried-on messes.

Intelligent mop lifting enables nimble navigation in challenging environments – VibraRise™ technology automatically lifts the mop when carpets are detected. This innovative feature made possible by Roborock’s new ultrasonic carpet recognition technology enables the S7 to mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in one, single cleaning session, without interruption. The mop is also lifted as the S7 returns to dock, ensuring just-cleaned floors remain clean.

Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 also features upgraded main brush that hugs the ground better for more effective agitation, maximizing a strong 2500Pa of suction to effortlessly lift dirt and debris from deep within carpets.

In terms of battery life, the Roborock S7 has a large 5,200mAh battery which according to the company, can offer up to three hours of uninterrupted cleaning (in quiet mode). Roborock’s iOS and Android app offers a heightened level of control over every aspect of the cleaning experience – easy-to-navigate interface allows consumers to manage cleaning schedules and customize preferences.

Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 also comes with smart mapping, where it provides real-time reports on the robot’s exact route during each clean, providing insight into the areas mopped and vacuumed. Being Alexa, Google Home and Siri-enabled, the Roborock S7 does respond to voice commands for an added level of convenience.

Pricing And Availability

Roborock S7
Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 will be available for pre-orders starting today, for the price of RM2,199 (Original RRP RM4,099) on Roborock’s official Shopee store until the 11th of April 2021. That being said, on Shopee’s Mega Shopping day on the 4th of April, the Roborock S7 will be available for RM2,099 for one-day only.

Previously, we’ve reviewed the Roborock S6 MaxV, you can check out the full review here.

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