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UGreen iPhone 12 Accessories Quick Review: Great For First Time iOS Users!

UGreen iPhone 12 Accessories

UGreen IPhone 12 Accessories are out, and UGreen sent us a couple of them. Made for the iPhone 12 series, we have an iPhone 12 Pro Max in the studio, so why not we write a quick review for each of them, especially for those of you who just got a new iPhone 12 and are looking for accessories.

UGreen IPhone 12 Accessories

UGreen Desktop Wireless Charger

UGreen IPhone 12 Accessories - desktop wireless charger

The UGreen Desktop Wireless Charger has a sleek design, with a matte finish all around so it doesn’t scuff your iPhone in any way. It has a fixed angle of 45 degrees, so it’s best placed on a desk and not someplace elevated.

On the bottom front, there’s a wide light bar that shows the charging status of the wireless charger. Once you place your iPhone onto the charger, it lights up and has a slow “breathing effect” to show it’s charging. On the back, you will find the USB Type-C port. This is where you will plug in the included USB Type-C cable, which is about 1 meter long. The entire bottom of the wireless charger also has a rubber padding. This ensures the charger stays in place, wherever it is positioned on your desk or surface.

The UGreen Desktop Wireless Charger charges at a maximum of 10W, which is still slower than the Magsafe’s peak power of 15W. Because it is using Qi charging, basically any device with the Qi technology can use the wireless charger.

When it comes to charging speed, it takes about 3 hours 20 minutes for the iPhone 12 Pro Max to charge from zero to full.

UGreen Lightning Earphones

UGreen IPhone 12 Accessories - lightning earphones

The UGreen Lightning Earphone is pretty straightforward. Its connector is a Lightning connector, so there’s no need for an adapter to be able to use it. The Lightning connection is firm when plugged in, and it is compatible with any Apple device with a Lightning port, with iOS 10 and above installed.

The cable length is about 1.8m, and the earphones feature a lightweight design. The earphones themselves feel rather light and small, but the build quality is fairly decent. Along the cable on the right side, you get an all-in-one playback controller which is really useful. For such a small controller, it’s great that UGreen managed to pack so many controls in.

  • Volume+: Short press “+”
  • Volume-: Short press “-”
  • Answer/End a Call: Single press Centre Button
  • Decline a Call: Press and hold Centre Button
  • Wake Siri: Press and hold Centre Button until hearing a voice prompt then release
  • Play/Pause: Single press Centre Button
  • Next Track: Double press Centre Button
  • Previous Track: Triple press Centre Button
  • Fast-forward: Double-press Centre Button and hold on the second press
  • Fast-backwards: Triple-Press Centre Button and hold on the third press

When it comes to audio quality, the UGreen Lightning Earphones can provide really loud volume with minimal distortion at high volume levels. The highs are a little too bright, mids are decent, and the bass is minimal. There’s nothing much to shout about the UGreen Lightning Earphone’s audio quality, but it gets the job done, no frills (except the cable). There’s also the UGreen HiTune T1 which we reviewed, if you’re looking for a wireless audio solution.

UGreen iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Casing

UGreen IPhone 12 Accessories - clear casing

UGreen also sent over their clear casing for our iPhone 12 Pro Max. It’s a simple transparent case made out of TPU material, snaps on to the phone easily, and has bumpers on all four corners of the casing.

It’s rather thin, so this casing is great if you’re looking for a case that doesn’t add too much bulk to your phone. It has that ‘nude’ feeling, where it feels like you don’t even have a casing on.

UGreen IPhone 12 Accessories - clear casing

That being said, the left and right sides of the casing does seem a little loose, but you’ll only notice it if you squeezed the sides. The camera bump is protected as the casing does have a slight bump around the camera area. The volume and power button still clicks very well with the casing installed, but the speaker holes are a little slanted towards the left. However, this doesn’t affect the audio quality in any way.

The Lightning connector cutout is also rather large, and the edges are smoothed out so it doesn’t cut into the finger your rest iPhone on.

UGreen USB Type-C to Lightning Cable

UGreen IPhone 12 Accessories - usb type-C to lightning cable

When purchasing a new iPhone, especially if you’re new to Apple, you’re going to want some additional charging/data cables apart from the one provided by Apple.

The UGreen USB Type-C to Lightning Cable is compatible with Apple’s new 20W charging adapter, and it supports PD fast charging technology. On top of that, it uses USB Type-C and has Apple’s MFi certification with a C94 connector (silver plating), as opposed to the standard lightning C48 connector (gold plating). This also means there won’t be any pop-up on your smartphone telling you the cable isn’t supported by Apple. Apart from that, it also works with other USB Type-C charging adapters, like the UGreen GaN X 65W charger which we reviewed.

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UGreen iPhone 12 Accessories Quick Review: Great For First Time iOS Users! 15
UGreen IPhone 12 Accessories - usb type-C to lightning cable

It can be used for both charging and data transfers. Performance wise, it has the same charging speed as the cable provided by Apple.

The build quality is exceptionally well done, as it has a thicker TPE jacket, with an additional braided shielded wire and aluminium foil layer within. The cable length is 1m, but there are other length variations should you require them shorter/longer (0.25m / 0.5m / 1m / 1.5m / 2m).

Pricing And Availability

UGreen iPhone 12 Accessories are fairly affordable. If you’re looking to get one for your new iPhone 12, here’s some of the vouchers you can use, as well as other products you may be interested in:

On the 12th of December 2020, there will be a 10% off storewide. Two hours before the clock strikes midnight on the 12th of Dec, there will be a 20% OFF promotion too. The company has also mentioned that the 12.12 pre-sale actually saves you more than the actual 12.12 sale itself, so be sure to check their official Lazada store out:

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