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Logitech MX Master 3S Review: All Work, No Play

Logitech MX Master 3S Review: All Work, No Play 7

The Logitech MX Master 3S is the third iteration in the MX Master series of the company’s lineup of productivity focused mices. It’s earned its reputation to be a professional looking mouse that is great for everyday use, sporting an ergonomic design and features that would excel in the office/work space. After hearing about it all this while, we finally get to test it for ourselves, so we’re pretty excited to say the least.

Logitech MX Master 3S

What’s In The Box

  • Logitech MX Master 3S
  • USB Receiver
  • USB to USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manuals


Logitech MX Master 3S

The Logitech MX Master 3S has a clean, minimalist, elegant look that would fit great in any office/home setup. Comparing it to the previous MX Master 2S, they do look quite alike with minor style differences. Being a mouse made for the office, it isn’t as flashy as the other gaming mice we’re accustomed to, so do expect RGB lighting and perforated holes to be absent from this mouse.

In terms of build quality, the mouse is built with solid plastic and feels like it could last for years to come. There’s something about holding a product in your hand, and it gives off that vibe of reassurance, this is one of those products. From the scroll wheel, to the mouse clicks, and even to the buttons, everything feels firm with a touch of premium finesse thanks to the latex grip material and hefty design. If you prefer a similar but lighter mouse, you can check out Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3.

Using The Mouse 

Logitech MX Master 3S

Its shape is also designed to be ergonomic, providing users all-day long comfort thanks to its thumb rest and rounded shape. For palm grip users, this mouse would be amazing cause of how well your hands would rest on the mouse. But if your hands are on the smaller side, you might have trouble gripping the mouse entirely.

Because of its design, it’s ergonomically spectacular for right handed users. It doesn’t feature an ambidextrous design, so it will not be available for use for left-handers out there, sorry. There’s a large thumb rest section that can also be pressed to enable gesture control. The scroll wheel on the side is large enough to reach it comfortably, and the same applies to the side buttons as well.

Logitech MX Master 3S

As compared to the MX Master 3, the 3S does sport a much, much quieter click sound, up to 90% according to Logitech. And to our ears, yeah the mouse clicks do sound a lot more muted compared to the other mouse we have in the office.


Logitech MX Master 3S

In terms of connectivity, the Logitech MX Master 3S can be connected via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless with its dedicated receiver. It does have a USB-C cable, but it’s only for charging and doesn’t enable wired connection. It also allows you to switch between three connected devices with a button on the underside of the mouse.

Now moving to the bottom of the mouse, that’s where you’ll find the power button, connectivity button, the sensor, as well as the PTFE mouse feet that gives it a very smooth gliding experience.

Logitech MX Master 3S

Another thing i really like about the Logitech MX Master 3S is the scroll wheel. It features a combination of notched wheel and free wheel. The scroll wheel has a 24-step system but if you flick it harder, it automatically changes into a faster free-scrolling mode, then gradually switches back to a step and comes to a stop. You can also set that to a key to toggle it manually in the Logitech Options software.

Compatible with both Windows and MacOS, the same applies to the Logitech Options software. You don’t need an account to start using the software, and the mouse does not have on-board memory to store your settings profile. You can tweak DPI (up to 8K) and polling rate, and even change button mapping as well as gesture actions with the gesture control feature on the thumb rest.


Logitech MX Master 3S

The Logitech MX Master 3S is a great all-rounder mouse that leans more towards the office setting. Its ergonomic design is amazing for right-handed users, and the features it has are a nice compliment to the mice itself. This includes the gesture control feature, dual-mode scroll wheel. Its larger size and heft also makes it comfortable for users with large hands.

For its asking price of RM449, I think the Logitech MX Master 3S is a great investment especially if you have a rather permanent work setup at home or at the office. Even if you need to be a work nomad for a few days or weeks, the mouse would also be a great travel buddy too, knowing you have the comfort and assurance coming along with you on the trip.

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