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Cooler Master Announces Chronos Summit 2022

<strong>Cooler Master Announces Chronos Summit 2022</strong> 11

Cooler Master announced the upcoming Chronos Summit 2022. Inability to attend physical events due to the global pandemic has forced Cooler Master to host their own summit to showcase new products, projects and services that excel in both form and function.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022

Chronos Summit will be held in the Metaverse on ‘Gather Town’. Using Gather Town, Cooler Master brings the excitement of attending a real-life technology show with a fun, interactive twist. With their very own 8bit metropolis accommodating everyone from media professionals to business representatives, content creators and the wider Cooler Master Community, create your own avatar and explore everything Cooltropolis has to offer. Interact with products, meet with Cooler Master employees, and complete easter eggs to win prizes.

The following products will be on display throughout the event:


The Chronos Summit is the kick-off that provides a glimpse at the first instalments of Cooler Master’s Limited Edition 30th Anniversary product series. Celebrate 30 years of innovation and shaping the future with this series of limited-edition products!


The V1300 Platinum is returning with its 30th Anniversary edition to provide high-end performance for all types of PC users. This vanguard of power supply innovation and development offers an 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency certification, full-modular cabling, 100% Japanese capacitors, a high operating temperature of 50℃, and a hardware based single/multi rail switch.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022


Driven by extensive research, Hybrid 1 was created to better respond to the needs of modern-day gamers and creatives: focusing on health, interaction, and expression. Hybrid 1 combines the benefits of comfort-driven office chairs with support-based racing seats. This idea is delivered in a symbiotic solution that allows ergonomic customization to a user’s preference for maximum airflow during longer sessions. In a world of comfort and expression, Hybrid 1 offers the best of both without compromise.


The COSMOS series is known for pushing the limits of Cooler Master’s case technology. Coming soon in a limited edition is the COSMOS C700M 30th Anniversary edition. Redesigned with a brand-new chameleon paint colour-scheme, full aluminium motherboard tray, unique case badge and other design improvements the COSMOS C700M is ready to take sandbox-level versatility to the next level.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022

Other 30th Anniversary products also being revealed:

  • Mobius Fan 30th Anniversary Edition
  • MA824 30th Anniversary Edition
  • PL360 Flux 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Ergostand 30th Anniversary Edition
  • MK721 30th Anniversary Edition
  • MM712 30th Anniversary Edition
  • SH711 30th Anniversary Edition
  • MP511 30th Anniversary Edition
  • GD120 30th Anniversary Edition
  • GM27-FQS ARGB30th Anniversary Edition



HAF 700 EVO comes carefully engineered to maintain top market thermal performance and minimal noise levels at stock configuration. From the edge-lit ARGB tempered glass Intake Blades to boundless freedom in air and water-cooling versatility, create your own system that runs as performant as it looks. Fancy eighteen 120mm fans? Dual 360 radiators? 480mm radiators? Take your pick and make it yours.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022


The V1100 Platinum SFX / V1300 Platinum SFX deliver the high-quality experience you’ve come to expect from the V series in SFX form factor. Enjoy the same great features with 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, full-modular cabling, an 92mm fan, 16AWG PCIe high performance cables, and a 10-year warranty. But now you can have this first highest power density of SFX PSU in a mini-ITX case. With the V SFX Platinum, the V series is now viable for cases ranging from mini-ITX all the way up through E-ATX systems. And with the included bracket this unit is compatible with all of them.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022


The ML360 SUB-ZERO V2 has been upgraded with a new compact DIY pump, minimizing pump sound while maintaining exceptional performance without all the bulk. The low-profile radiator has increased fan density to dissipate heat extremely efficiently, all in a sleek form factor.

The new ML360 SUB-ZERO V2 features our newest Mobius Series fans, donning our enhanced Ring Blade Design. The improved fan optimizes performance and acoustics, satisfying all your fan requirements for cooling and airflow. With Intel® Cryo Cooling Technology, the integrated software gives you total customization for your overclocking requirements. 

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<strong>Cooler Master Announces Chronos Summit 2022</strong> 12
Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022



The MK721 wireless mechanical keyboard is the 60% daily driver that strikes the perfect balance between form and function for both work and play. It’s equipped with hybrid wireless connectivity and universal OS & platform compatibility for ultimate convenience, along with all the creature comforts you want in an everyday keyboard: mechanical switches, coiled cable, and 3-way rotary dial. By adding even more to the essentials, MK721 is the new ideal keyboard for your creative or gaming needs.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022


The MM712 is the next evolution of our first popular lightweight mouse, levelled up to lightweight prestige. It retains all the same pro-grade features of its previous iteration, the MM711. However, it does all this while shedding the shredded chassis, opting instead for a seamless, hole-less profile specially engineered to remain <58g in total weight. Responsive, agile, and tactile, the MM712 truly fills in the gaps of its perforated predecessors.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022


The SH711 Wireless ANC Headset delivers on premium quality at every level to showcase music in its purest form. Two types of noise cancellation, ANC and END, ensure undisturbed clarity and quality in both your music and your hands-free calls. And with a unique dual chamber design, premium sound quality is the name of the game. Add to that convenient touch controls and three connection modes for your convenience, and the SH711 isn’t about the noise or the gimmicks — it’s all about the music.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022



The GP27-FQS is a QHD monitor that is part of a new breed of mini-LED products coming from Cooler Master that offer phenomenal performance for the price. 

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022


Equipped with the world’s first haptic engine optimized to fit inside a multi-purpose chair, Motion 1 delivers the experience of 4D Cinema and immersive gameplay right into the comfort of your room.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022


The Mini X is a unique, modular, and compact high-performance system that packs a punch and features premium materials and customizable colourful panels to make your setup pop. The Swappable panels gives the most flexible ITX case ever when it comes to making your system truly unique and matching the colour scheme of your gaming/creator station.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022

Based of the popular “Sneaker” Mod created and submitted by JMDF at the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series, Sneaker X is a fully remastered and re-engineered high-end gaming PC in the shape of a Sneaker which can accommodate the latest top of the line CPU and GPU as well as an AIO cooler. 

Sneaker X is CMODX’ attempt at breaking the boundaries of traditional case form factor and to bring forward a very unique, customizable and lifestyle system which can really showcase who you are and become the center piece of your Creative/gaming station. 

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022
Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022

Pre-orders start in Q3 2022.


Orb X is a multi-purpose workstation with full immersion in mind. A sleek, semi-enclosed desk space is housed in a fully automated motorized shuttle dome for superior privacy.

Cooler Master Chronos Summit 2022
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