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Roborock Launches Dyad Pro Smart Floor Cleaner, Retails For RM5799

Roborock Dyad Pro

Roborock has just launched the new Roborock Dyad Pro as the company’s next-generation cleaning device to improve overall efficiency in house cleaning.

It is a cordless upright wet-dry floor washer and dust absorber to optimize comprehensive cleaning. It has been further developed and upgraded to comprehensively enhance home cleaning efficiency for both wet and dry surfaces.

The company claims that the next-generation smart floor cleaner is complete with advanced technology and cutting-edge features that enhance performances of all cleaning functionalities in an automated and cordless cleaning tool.

Roborock Dyad Pro Features

Roborock Launches Dyad Pro Smart Floor Cleaner, Retails For RM5799 7

With DyadPower, the Dyad Pro’s is equipped with 17,000Pa suction and the ability to vacuum and wash at once, allowing users to tackle a controlled and flexible deep clean with one tool. It can even get into smaller corners and difficult areas of the home, reaching as close as 1mm to the wall. The Dyad Pro also intelligently adapts cleaning power, water flow and dispenses cleaning solution accordingly for a better clean.

It will also automatically clean its rollers using a bi-directional motion when docked, followed by automatic self-drying, preventing odors and bacteria build-up.

Pricing & Availability

Roborock Launches Dyad Pro Smart Floor Cleaner, Retails For RM5799 8

The Roborock Dyad Pro is available at RM5,799 on Roborock’s official store on Shopee and Lazada

For more information on all Roborock products, visit

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