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Best Smartphones Under RM1000 Best Smartphones Under RM1000


While flagship smartphones feature bleeding edge technology and features, most people only need a phone for day to day tasks, such as social media,...

DualSense Edge Battery Life DualSense Edge Battery Life

Daily News

If you wonder why your shiny new DualSense Edge controller does not last as long as the standard controller, we finally know why. The...

Uniqlo X Playstation Collaboration Uniqlo X Playstation Collaboration

Daily News

Uniqlo has announced their latest UT collection in collaboration with Sony, with designs inspired by the PlayStation series of gaming consoles. In this collection,...

ChatGPT Passes Law Exam ChatGPT Passes Law Exam

Daily News

A group of law professors at the University of Minnesota used ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot to answer exams in four courses, and graded...

OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition OnePlus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition


OnePlus had released the Ace Pro Genshin Impact Edition smartphone in China late last year. After a while, we finally managed to get our...

Apple Store Apple Store

Daily News

Apple has begun hiring employees based in Malaysia, for what seems to be a retail push in the country. The company has just published...

The KING of gaming smartphones returns, the ROG Phone 6. #rogphone6 #asus #asusrog @asus @_asusrog

♬ original sound - The AXO - The AXO