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Mosonth Wireless Charger Review: Improving Apple’s Magsafe

Mosonth Wireless Charger

Meet the Mosonth Wireless Charger, which is a more affordable version of the Apple Magsafe Charger. We’ve got an iPhone 12 Pro Max in the studio, and Mosonth was kind enough to send us their 2-pack Mosonth Apple Magsafe Wireless Charger for review. As its name suggests, the box contains two units of the wireless charger, attached with a USB Type-C cable.


Mosonth Wireless Charger Review: Improving Apple's Magsafe 7

The Mosonth Magsafe wireless charger features a slim profile, much like the original Apple Magsafe charger, except there are little differences here and there. The aluminium casing on the Mosonth wireless charger doesn’t wrap all the way up to the top surface. Instead, it only wraps the side, and the top features a fully matte, smooth surface.

The bottom of the Mosonth Wireless Charger also has rounded edges instead of straight edges. It has a very nice, smooth texture to it.

User Experience

Mosonth Wireless Charger Review: Improving Apple's Magsafe 8

When it comes to actually using the Mosonth Wireless Charger, i was actually quite surprised with the build quality and performance. More on the performance later, but first, the user experience. As soon as I unboxed the chargers, I could immediately feel the smoothness of the chargers, and the weight to them. They felt very premium, and I loved that there’s a little heft to them which made them feel even more high end.

At first, I tried the charger on my iPhone 12 Pro Max with the casing on. The wireless charger could attach onto the back of the phone, but felt very loose due to the thickness of the casing. Once I removed the casing and re-attached the wireless charger, it stuck on firmly. It was so firm I could (gently) grab the cable and spin the phone 360-degrees and the phone still wouldn’t fall. That’s how strong the magnets are.

Mosonth Wireless Charger Review: Improving Apple's Magsafe 9
Look at how thin it is.

And because the top charging surface had a matte finish, it wouldn’t scratch the phone’s back casing in any way. Unless of course, you actually scratched the aluminum side. For those who use official Apple Magsafe accessories, I’m glad to report that Mosonth’s wireless charger works well with those too.


Mosonth Wireless Charger Review: Improving Apple's Magsafe 10

In terms of charging, which is what the Mosonth wireless charger main function is, it does a decent job at juicing our iPhone 12 Pro Max back up to 100%. During our testing, we used it with UGreen’s 20W charging adapter, as it has a USB Type-C port to be used with the Mosonth wireless charger’s USB-C cable.

Charging the phone from zero to 80% took about two and a half hours, and it took another 40 minutes to charge it all the way to full. For a 20W charger, that’s acceptable, considering the iPhone 12 Pro Max only needs a charge every two days. I’d usually charge the phone while I game, so when I’m done, the phone would already be back at 100%.

Mosonth Wireless Charger Review: Improving Apple's Magsafe 11

In addition, when using the Mosonth wireless charger with other Qi-enabled Android phones, they do charge, but they won’t have the magnetic connection at all. You can use them, but you’ll have to be very careful how you position your phone on the charger, as it is very smooth and slides off easily.


Mosonth Wireless Charger Review: Improving Apple's Magsafe 12

The Mosonth Apple Magsafe Wireless Charger is actually very useful and its main highlight is its price point. It has decent charging speed, a fairly long cable length, and a smooth, premium exterior. For a single pack, it is priced at $14.99, while a two-pack will cost only $32.99. In my daily use case, I’d have one on my work desk, and another on my bedroom bedside table.

For those who are interested in getting a more affordable version of the Apple Magsafe wireless charger, the Mosonth Magsafe Wirless Charger is a great place to look, and you can get them here.

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