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UGreen GAN X 65W Charger Review: Type-C Charging Is The Future!

UGREEN GaN X 65W Charger

This is the UGreen GAN X 65W Charger, which takes advantage of USB Type-C charging. In recent times, USB Type-C has been adopted by more brands when it comes to their charging technologies, including Apple. While the iPhone 12 series still uses a lightning port, the charging adapter end has a USB Type-C port instead. Apart from being used for Power Delivery charging on phones, tablets, and even laptops, USB Type-C can also be used with a display port, and to do file transfers as well.

UGreen GAN X 65W Charger – Specifications

UGreen GAN X 65W Charger
SpecsUGreen GAN X 65W Charger
USB-C Port 1
USB-C Port 2
USB-C Port 35.0V-3.0A(15.0w)、9.0V-2.0A(18.0w)、12.0V-1.5A(18.0w)
USB-A Port5.0V-3.0A(15.0w)、9.0V-2.0A(18.0w)、12.0V-1.5A(18.0w)、4.5V-5.0A(22.5w)、5.0V-4.5A(22.5w)
Power IndicatorNone
Size7.62 x 7.62 x 2.54 cm
Weight172 grams


UGreen GAN X 65W Charger

The UGreen GAN X 65W Charger isn’t your ordinary wall charger. It may have the same size as a four-port wall charger, but it’s a Power Delivery certified charger that is capable of a maximum power output of 65W.

There are three USB Type-C ports, and a single USB Type-A port. This makes the device a charger of the future, where and when most devices would rely on faster USB Type-C charging. The three USB Type-C ports are labelled as C1, C2, and C3. The first two USB-C ports can output a maximum of 65W of PD charging, while the third USB-C port can only output 24W, and the USB-A port can output a maximum of 22.5W. The USB-A port does support Quick Charge too.

UGreen GAN X 65W Charger

This also means that your devices should be plugged in according to their power requirement. For example, a laptop and power hungry tablet should be plugged in either of the first two ports, while your other devices such as smartphone or smartwatch charger can be in the third USB-C or last USB-A port.

The UGreen GAN X 65W Charger is made out of a polycarbonate shell which is flame retardant to protect it in case of any burning hazards. The left and right sides have a textured “X” pattern, which has a nice grip and feels smooth to the touch.

Build Quality

UGreen GAN X 65W Charger

The UGreen GAN X 65W Charger has excellent build quality. It has a nice reassuring heft to it, and it just feels very solidly built. There are no rattling noises from loose parts either.

When it comes to chargers, our first concern is overheating. But because the UGreen GAN X 65W Charger uses a Gallium Nitride (GaN) chip, it allows the charger to output higher amount of power while keeping cool. Even while charging four devices at the same time, the charger only feels mildly warm.

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UGreen GAN X 65W Charger Review: Type-C Charging Is The Future! 9

Note that the UGreen GAN X 65W Charger does not have any light indicator to show you that charging is taking place or charging is done.

User Experience

UGreen GAN X 65W Charger

The UGreen GAN X 65W Charger is simple to use. It has the right size, weight, and it fits just nicely in my day-to-day backpack. The main takeaway from this charger is that it can charge up to four devices at one time.

That being said, I wish there was an extended version of it. It would’ve been nice if the charging brick had an additional power cable to extend the length of use from the wall socket. But then again, this might render the GaN chip useless since it needs to go through another cable.

UGreen GAN X 65W Charger

Another thing I think you should consider is transition. The UGreen GAN X 65W Charger doesn’t come with a USB-C to USB-C bundled in the box, that means you’ll need to purchase the cable separately. Not only that, most devices these days still use USB Type-A to USB Type-C cables, so if that’s the only cable you have, you can only use the fourth port, at least till you get a USB-C to USB-C cable to take advantage of the higher wattage charging.

When charging with multiple devices, once you pull a cable out, the other devices being charged will have their charging paused for about two seconds before resuming charging.


UGreen GAN X 65W Charger

To take full advantage of the UGreen GAN X 65W Charger, your device should also be compatible with Power Delivery charging. Most brands including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nubia, and even Nokia already supports PD fast charging.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any laptops or smartphones that support 65W PD charging. So, here’s the couple of devices we tried charging with and the time it took for each device to be charged from 1% to a full 100%.

Do note that these devices were all charged simultaneously, and they rely on the UGreen GAN X 65W Charger’s AI power management system to intelligently distribute charging power according to each device’s power requirement.

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UGreen GAN X 65W Charger Review: Type-C Charging Is The Future! 9
UGreen GAN X 65W Charger
DeviceBattery CapacitySupported Charging SpeedTime
Xiaomi Mi 93,300mAh27W
54 minutes
Huawei MediaPad M67,500mAh18W2 hours 19 minutes
Huawei MatePad T10s5,100mAhN/A2 hours 15 minutes
Huawei MatePad Pro7,250mAh40W2 hours 12 minutes
Nubia Z173,200mAh18W
1 hour 55 minutes
realme 6i5,000mAh18W
2 hours 31 minutes
iPhone 12 Pro Max3,687mAh20W
2 hours
QC – Quick Charge, PD – Power Delivery, W – Watts


UGreen GAN X 65W Charger

The UGreen GAN X 65W Charger is made for the future, where devices mostly use USB Type-C as their main charging connector. Consider the transition of cables you’ll need, apart from that, the charger itself poses great usability and functionality for everyday charging use.

Priced at RM129, I would definitely recommend anyone to get the UGreen GAN X 65W Charger for their home, or even their travel backpack.

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Chief Content Developer at The AXO

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