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UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review: Smaller, Faster, More Polished

UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review

Meet the UGreen GAN 100W Charger, which is the second generation of the company’s GAN series fast charger. Similar to its predecessor, the 65W charger, it also uses USB Type-C charging, but now features even faster charging speeds at a 100 wattage. Even the amount of ports are the same, so let’s see how much faster the UGreen GAN X 100W charger can charge.

UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review

UGreen GAN 100W Charger – Specifications

Input100-240V~50/60Hz 2.3A Max
Single-PortUSB-C1/C2:5V/3A 9V/3A 12V/3A 15V/3A 20V/5A 100W Max
USB-C3: 5V/3A 9V/2.5A 12V/1.88A 22.5W Max
USB-A: 4.5V/5A 5V/4.5A 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A 22.5W Max
Total Output100W Max
Static power≤0.3W
ProtocolUSB C Port:PD3.0(PD2.0) /QC4+(QC4.0\QC3.0\QC2.0)/PPS /AFC/APPLE 5V2.4A/BC1.2
ProtectionInput overvoltage protection; output overcurrent/overvoltage/short circuit protection
Working Temperature0~35℃
Storage Temperature-20~80℃
Shell material/fire ratingPC/UL94-V0
Weight235±5g(US)/ 245±5g(EU)


UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review

The most obvious change with the UGreen GAN 100W Charger compared to the 65W variant is the size. The charger is now 30% smaller, so it’s even more compact than before. It has two prongs, and is a Power Delivery certified charger than can output a maximum power output of 100W.

In terms of number of ports, there are three USB Type-C ports, and one USB Type-A port on the bottom. The three USB Type-C ports are still labelled as C1, C2, and C3, with the first two C ports capable of maximum 100W charging (40W extra power), while the third C port can only support 22.5W charging (1.5W lower than the third C port on the 65W variant). As for the USB Type-A port, it still supports the same 22.5W max Quick Charging.

UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review

So, it’s best to know the power delivery requirement of the charger as well as the power requirement of your device. Your laptops or flagship smartphone could use C1 and C2 ports, while the rest of your device which use lower power requirements can use C3 and A4 port instead.

The UGreen GAN 100W Charger is made out of a polycarbonate shell which is flame retardant to protect it in case of any burning hazards. The left and right sides have a smoother, more flat design that’s more minimalistic. I actually prefer it over the “X” texture from the 65W variant.

Build Quality

UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review

The UGreen GAN 100W Charger feels very solid when you hold it, and you can immediately tell because it’s firm, and there are no rattling noises from loose parts too. Most people would be worried about heat issues when it comes to fast chargers, but the charger does come with overheat protection, short circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, as well as input overcurrent protection. We didn’t have a temperature monitor, but based from the sensitivity of our fingers, we felt that the 100W variant feels less warm.

Just like the UGreen GAN X 65W Charger, the 100W variant still does not have any light indicator to show you that charging is taking place or when charging is done.

User Experience

UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review

The UGreen GAN 100W Charger feels small, and compact enough to chuck into your everyday bag or handbag. It’s small, yet it could charge up to four devices at the same time. That’s 1 laptop, 2 smartphones, and probably a pair of TWS earphones. Again, being a power brick of sorts, there is no extendable power cable to give you more freedom from the wall socket.

Seeing how most devices have now transitioned to USB-C to C cables and chargers, they should work perfectly with the UGreen GAN 100W charger. Even if you don’t have one, USB-C to C are aplenty now, UGreen also offers them on their official stores. If you have a USB Type-A to C cable, you can still use it on the 4th port too.

When charging with multiple devices, once you pull a cable out, the other devices being charged will have their charging paused for about two seconds before resuming charging.


UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review

To take full advantage of the UGreen GAN 100W Charger, your device should also be compatible with Power Delivery charging. Most brands including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nubia, and even Nokia already supports PD fast charging.

DeviceBattery CapacitySupported Charging SpeedTime
Huawei MatePad T10s5,100mAhN/A2 hours 15 minutes
Huawei MatePad Pro7,250mAh40W2 hours 12 minutes
iPhone 12 Pro Max3,687mAh20W
2 hours
Honor MagicBook 1542Wh65W1 hour 10 minutes
Asus ROG Strix G1556WhPD1 hour 35 minutes
QC – Quick Charge, PD – Power Delivery, W – Watts


UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review

The UGreen GAN 100W Charger is now smaller, features an even faster charging speed, and it has a more minimalist design. If you’ve fully transitioned over to USB-C capable devices, then you’d definitely want to invest in this charger. Even if you haven’t, this charger would be a future proof charger, as long as you could procure the proper USB-C to C cables.

Priced at RM156, it might be a little pricey for some, but it’s a worthy investment to have, especially when you have multiple devices. It saves space in your bag, and all you need is just one charger for up to four devices.

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UGreen GAN 100W Fast Charger Review: Smaller, Faster, More Polished 9
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