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7Hz Sonus Review: The Perfect Gateway Hybrid IEM?

7Hz Sonus Review

7Hz, a CHiFi brand famous for their Timeless planar IEMs, has launched their first attempt at a hybrid IEM, dubbed the 7Hz Sonus. Boasting a 1DD + 1BA design, it retails for an attractive price of US$59.99 (~RM278).

7Hz Sonus – Specifications

Driver Setup11.3mm DD + balanced armature
Connector0.78 pin
Impedance30 ohms
Frequency Response Range10Hz-20kHz
MaterialMedical-grade material front chamberAviation-grade aluminium back chamber

Box Contents

  • 7Hz Sonus
  • Carrying case
  • Cable
  • Spare eartips
  • Spare nozzle filters
  • Cable tie
  • User manual


7Hz Sonus Review: The Perfect Gateway Hybrid IEM? 7

The 7Hz Sonus is available in three colour options – black, grey and red. Our sample came with the red colour option, and looks and feels premium to the touch. The shell is made of two separate materials, with aluminium for the back chamber, and a transparent material for the front chamber.

7Hz Sonus Review: The Perfect Gateway Hybrid IEM? 8

The back chamber features a debossed 7Hz logo and stripes to break the monotony, while the transparent front chamber offers a glimpse into the drivers and wiring. It also comes with a high quality copper audio cable that is flat to help reduce unwanted tangling while being carried around.

7Hz Sonus Review: The Perfect Gateway Hybrid IEM? 9

Also included in the box is a leather carrying case, a large assortment of ear tips, and spare nozzle filters. While the carrying case is reasonably high quality, I do prefer fabric ones with compartments to stow away accessories.


If you like to wear your IEMs for long hours, you won’t be disappointed with the 7Hz Sonus. It felt comfortable and fit snugly on my ears. The inclusion of several spare ear tips also helps with finding the right fit for different users. Despite being partly constructed of aluminium, it is still lightweight enough for most users.

Audio Performance

7Hz Sonus Review: The Perfect Gateway Hybrid IEM? 10


The tonality can be largely described as ‘sparkly’ with its excellent treble response. The highs sounded smooth without any hint of sibilance, resulting in a less-fatiguing listening experience. The mids have to me at least, the right amount of presence. It sounded clean and warm, with buttery smooth vocals and instruments in this range sound detailed. 

To my surprise however, the bass is quite light in this IEM. There is more sub-bass presence, while the mid-bass seems to have taken a back seat, resulting in a slightly weird fall-off when notes travel between the sub-bass and mid-bass (ie: bass guitar riffs). Tweaking the EQ settings (blasphemy I know) yields significant improvement.

That being said, its sound signature is definitely a popular one, and would cater to a wide variety of music genres.

Technical Performance

While the technical performance is not exceptional, it is certainly competitive when compared to other IEMs in this price segment. Instrumental separation and layering is quite decent even against IEMs closer to the $100 mark. Sound stage is also above average for an IEM, giving instruments lots of room to “breathe” so to speak, and complex musical numbers don’t sound congested.

Timber is a bit of a mixed bag to me, as it sounded metallic especially at higher registers.

Final Verdict

7Hz Sonus Review: The Perfect Gateway Hybrid IEM? 11

4 / 5

For only $59.99, the 7Hz Sonus easily holds its ground against competing products in the sub-$100 segment. It is a well-tuned first attempt at a hybrid IEM by 7Hz, and should appeal to a wide range of listeners.

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7Hz Sonus Review: The Perfect Gateway Hybrid IEM? 12

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