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UGREEN CM338 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review: Best I’ve Ever Used

UGREEN CM338 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review: Best I've Ever Used 9

To me, the definition of a real pair of true wireless earbuds is to have amazing audio, without the cables. This came as a surprise to me when UGREEN, an electronic accessories manufacturing company released their own pair of TWS earbuds. You’ve seen Xiaomi, Sony, Samsung, JBL, and more create their own pair of TWS earbuds, but UGREEN’s pair is truly out of this world.



Transmission Distance10m
Resistance16 Ω
Frequency Response Range20-20000 Hz
PlaytimeSingle Use: 3 hours
With Charging Case: 18 hours
Control MethodTouch Controls
Battery CapacitySingle earphone: 30mAh
Charging case: 480mAh
WeightSinge earphone: 3.5g
Charging TimeApprox. 1 Hour



The UGREEN CM338 TWS earbuds look like any other generic pair of TWS earphones. It has a plastic body with cut outs for the notification lights and charging connectors. It features a low-profile design so it doesn’t bulge out of your ears like most TWS earbuds do. If someone’s looking at you from the front, they probably wouldn’t even notice you were wearing them. However, because of the low-profile design, the earbuds are quite deep in the ear, so your ear lobes might slightly cover the touch surface. So far, that’s the only fault I’ve found with it.

What I really appreciate about the earbuds is that they print the ‘L’ and ‘R’ indicators clearly to tell you which earbuds goes where. You’d be surprised how many TWS makers miss out on this minute but essential detail. That being said, the real magic only happens when you put them on (we’ll get more into that in the audio section below).

UGREEN CM338 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review: Best I've Ever Used 10

On the other hand, the UGREEN CM338 TWS earbuds’ charging case has a sleek glossy design. There’s also a small notification light to show you its charging status, and a micro USB port on the bottom for charging. Now, it might be a little bit of a fingerprint magnet, but the charging case isn’t something you’d be holding in your hand often. After taking out the earbuds, you’d chuck them back into your bag anyways.



After wearing the UGREEN CM338 TWS earbuds for three hours straight, I felt no fatigue or pain at all. This comes as a big surprise to me because all TWS earbuds I’ve ever tried tends to feel uncomfortable or painful after using them for a while. UGREEN’s one however, allowed me to continuously wear it without feeling any pain.

Because of its low-profile design, the earbuds have a snug fit in the ear and they can never be shaken off, literally. I’ve tried dancing, running, jumping, headbanging, and the UGREEN TWS earbuds just won’t budge. These things will stay put until you take them out of your ear.


UGREEN CM338 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review: Best I've Ever Used 11

This is where the magic I promised earlier gets unveiled. As soon as you remove the UGREEN CM338 TWS earbuds from the charging case, it automatically turns on and notifies you whether you’re putting in the left or right earbud. I love how fast it pairs and how stable the connection is – not just the Bluetooth 5.0 connection between the earbuds and your phone, but the connection between L and R earbuds as well. After using it for a day (on and off), I’ve never once heard the audio skip or got cut off.

For TWS earbuds to work, they would have to remove the cables and sometimes, that sacrifices the audio quality a fair bit. Despite saying that, UGREEN’s CM338 TWS earbuds’ audio quality are just out of this world, I’m not even exaggerating.

I’m a bass head, so it caught me off guard how such small earbuds can produce such clean lows. It’s not audiophile level, we can’t compare it with that. But the bass sounds defined and isn’t dirty at all. The mids and highs are really clear, allowing you to hear every little detail within a song, game, or movie.

If you have a pair of TWS earbuds and you want to try its audio range, try listening to “Mura Masa – Lotus Eater” on it. If you get the chance, listen to it on the CM338 TWS and you can actually hear the difference. Every little bell and whistle, and when the bass drops, be prepared to have an eargasm.

Moving on to the touch controls, you can double click to play/pause the music, or answer/end calls. Press for 2 seconds to switch music, or triple click to summon your personal voice assistants – Google or Siri. I was a little disappointed there wasn’t a touch gesture to go to the previous song, but it isn’t a deal breaker as I could always just control that from my phone.

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UGREEN CM338 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review: Best I've Ever Used 12

Battery Life

UGREEN CM338 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review: Best I've Ever Used 13

UGREEN claims to let you listen up to 3 hours on a single charge with the CM338 TWS earbuds. I’ve been playing bass-thumping EDM and House music non-stop at 80% volume level, and I’m happy to report that it certainly does live up to its claim. On the other hand, the charging case gives you another 15 hours of audio listening time.

Pricing and Availability

UGREEN CM338 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review: Best I've Ever Used 14

The UGREEN CM338 TWS Earbuds are being sold on Lazada and Shopee for a mere price of about RM119. With that price in mind, let’s recap, you get amazing bass thumping lows, mind-boggling mids and highs, absolutely no cables, and a sleek charging case. Can’t say I would want anything else from the UGREEN CM338 TWS earbuds, it’s near perfect. For me, at least.

UGREEN CM338 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review: Best I've Ever Used 15
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