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Intel Showcases AI-Powered Meteor Lake For PCs

Intel Meteor Lake AI Powered Processor

Intel has announced new details about its AI-focused Vision Processing Unit (VPU) that will make its debut in its upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs. The company plans to release the Meteor Lake processors by the end of the year. These new chips will be available for laptops first, but different versions of the design will also come to desktop PCs.

Meteor Lake – Client AI Ecosystem At Scale

Intel Showcases AI-Powered Meteor Lake For PCs 5

The new VPU is much more efficient at handling AI-powered apps and tasks than CPUs or GPUs, allowing users to run AI workloads locally on their computers.

Intel Showcases AI-Powered Meteor Lake For PCs 6

Intel is also bringing generative AI experiences at scale, with one such example being an open-source GIMP plug-in for Stable Diffusion, which demonstrated an AI-generated image based on a text prompt.

For more information, please visit Intel’s official website.

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