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UGreen HiTune T1 TWS Earbuds Review: Powerful Bass Done Right

UGreen HiTune T1

Meet the UGreen HiTune T1 TWS earbuds. UGreen have been making TWS earbuds that focuses on great bass, but the HiTune T1 now even has a “Super Bass Mode”. With a better build quality, improved bass performance, what else can we expect from the UGreen HiTune T1? Let’s find out together.

UGreen HiTune T1 – Specifications

UGreen HiTune T1
Product NameUGreen HiTune T1 Wireless Earbuds
Product ModelWS111
VersionBluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth Frequency2400MHz – 2483.5MHz
Bluetooth Range10m
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz
Speaker Impedance32ohm
Speaker Sensitivity97+/- 3dB
Microphone Sensitivity-38 +/- 3dB
Earbuds Battery Capacity2 x 50mAh
Charging Case BatteryLithium Polymer Battery
Charging Case Capacity500mAh 3.7V
Charging Limited Voltage5V
Charging PortUSB Type-C
Fully Charge Earbuds1.5 hours
Fuly Charge Case1.5 hours
Charging Case Input5V – 400mA
Charging Case Output5V – 100mA
Operating Time5 hours music play on single charge
24 hours music play with charging case

What’s In The Box?

UGreen HiTune T1
  • UGreen HiTune T1
  • Charging Case
  • Spare Eartips
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


UGreen HiTune T1

When compared to the UGreen HiTune R and UGreen CM338, the UGreen HiTune T1 gets a complete overhaul in design. It now has an all-new Airpods Pro-ish design. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because while it does look similar, the design actually has a couple of tweaks here and there that makes more sense.

For one, the UGreen HiTune T1 is an in-ear style earbuds with a stem on the bottom. Having an in-ear style design makes the earbuds stay in place, and the stem’s length isn’t too long so when you wear it, it doesn’t poke into your face to annoy you.

UGreen HiTune T1

The UGreen HiTune T1 stems have a matte finish for the surface. The touch panel is where the UGreen logo is with the noise-cancelling microphone placed at the top, with a LED notification light on the sides, and a voice pickup microphone on the bottom. On the inside, that’s where you’ll find the magnetic charging points, as well as the left/right indicator. As for the earbuds themselves, the outer surface has a glossy finish which adds to the sense of elegance it has, while the inner surface has a matte finish for better comfort and sweat resistance. There’s a microphone right under the eartips, and the eartips of course, can be replaced easily.

UGreen HiTune T1

The UGreen HiTune T1’s charging case has an oval pebble design, with the logo engraved on the top, and the USB Type-C port positioned on the back. The front has a curve that makes it easier for you to open up the earbuds too. When you open it up, you’ll find the Bluetooth pairing button in the middle, as well as a pairing status light right above it.


UGreen HiTune T1

When it comes to comfort, the UGreen HiTune T1 is by far the most comfortable UGreen TWS earbuds I’ve ever worn. By having the addition of the stems, it stays even more secure in my ears. No matter how I headbang, run, or jump, the earbuds just won’t budge, not even a little.

After wearing it for 5 hours straight, I feel no audio fatigue or any discomfort. But, there is a bit of sweat accumulation around the earbuds. Not that big of a deal because you can just wipe it off before putting them back into the charging case.

User Experience

UGreen HiTune T1

The UGreen HiTune T1 is a great pair of TWS earbuds to use for both gaming and communications. For music listening, we’ll get into that in the audio quality section.

The inward curve at the top makes it easy to recognize which side of the charging case is up so you open it properly with the right orientation. When you open up the charging case, the earbuds instantly turn on, with the status lights blinking blue to notify you. A voice prompt will also play to tell you it’s currently on and pairing with your last connected device. The USB Type-C port at the back is well positioned, but I would’ve preferred if it had wireless charging.

The earbuds themselves are comfortable to use, but the touch panels can be a tad bit too sensitive. When you hold them, it’s best if you hold the earbuds or the bottom part of the stem to avoid any mistouch.

Touch Gestures

UGreen HiTune T1

Speaking of touch gestures, the UGreen HiTune T1 now finally has on-buds volume control. This means that you can control the music volume directly from earbuds themselves. That being said, because the touch gestures all depend on the number of touches you make, you can only slowly control the volume step by step. For example, to lower/increase the volume it takes a double tap, whereas a triple tap would change to the next/previous song. You can’t rapidly spam press the touch panel to quickly lower/increase the volume. So what you have to do is double tap, wait for the volume to change, then only double tap again to further change the volume.

Apart from that, the touch controls are very responsive because of how sensitive the touch panel is. Sometimes, a little too sensitive. Here are the touch gestures available on the UGreen HiTune T1:

Single Tap (L/R)Play/Pause Music | Answer/End Call
Double Tap (L)Volume Down
Double Tap (R)Volume Up
Triple Tap (L)Previous Track
Triple Tap (R)Next Track
Press and Hold (L) (2s)Activating Voice Assistant
Press and Hold (R) (2s)EQ Switch | Reject A Call

Audio Quality

UGreen HiTune T1

With the UGreen HiTune T1, you can either play music on normal mode, or you can switch to the “Super Bass Mode” if you want more bass. Up to now, there is still no ANC or app controls available for UGreen’s earbuds. That being said, UGreen’s earbuds are meant to be as straightforward as pair and play, but, it would’ve been nice to see the company add more features like ANC, EQ control, and app control for further pinpoint customization.

When it comes to audio quality, the UGreen HiTune T1 doesn’t use the aptX codec, but it does have decent amount of highs, with very clear mids, and a superb handling of low frequencies. Sound isolation is good as each frequency isn’t drowned/muffled by the other. Treble isn’t as clear as I’d like it to be, but the voice/dialogue sounds really good with a decent of amount of bass. As for thump, bass drops will sound amazing with “Super Bass Mode” turned on. However, if you want a more chill relaxing session, then just turn the Super Bass Mode off.

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UGreen HiTune T1 TWS Earbuds Review: Powerful Bass Done Right 11

Call Quality

UGreen HiTune T1

As mentioned above, voice quality is really good on the HiTune T1. Both voice and online calls are clear on both ends. I can clearly hear my caller with great volume, and the caller can clearly hear me too, thanks to the total of four microphones on the earbuds. The dedicated voice pickup microphone is also placed optimally at the bottom facing my mouth.

The earbuds also have a rather low latency, where I didn’t notice any audio delay or lag when gaming or watching video on my smartphone. This makes the HiTune T1 an amazing pair of TWS earbuds for gaming, Discord calls, and even phone calls in general.

Battery Life

UGreen HiTune T1

The HiTune T1 earbuds have a 50mAh battery on each side, with the charging case having a 500mAh battery. On a single charge, I can get about 4 hours and 36 minutes of music playback at 70% volume, whereas the charging case can provided an additional 18 hours of music playback with the same usage pattern.

Once your battery level is below 10%, you can still keep using the earbuds for about 30 more minutes, but there will be a voice prompt every four minutes until it powers off.

Charging the earbuds back from zero to full, takes about an hour and a half. Charging the charging case back to 100% also takes roughly the same amount of time.


UGreen HiTune T1

The UGreen HiTune T1‘s new design makes it a slight upgrade from the HiTune R and CM338, but that’s all it has going for it. The comfort and battery life is enhanced, and the “Super Bass Mode” is a welcome feature for those seeking a personal surreal Rave experience at home.

That being said, after reviewing UGreen’s TWS earbuds for a while now, it would’ve been nice to see UGreen include features like ANC, app control, wireless charging for the case, as well as EQ control.

At this point, I don’t mind paying more if UGreen can attempt making a truly high-end TWS earbuds with higher end features to go against the likes of Sony’s WF series or Jabra’s Elite series. The UGReen HiTune T1 would’ve been a great device to do so, but maybe in the next TWS earbuds, UGreen?

Undoubtedly, the absence of these features doesn’t mean the HiTune T1 is a bad pair of earphones. It’s probably why it can be priced so relatively affordable – RM139. If you wish to purchase one for yourself, here’s a couple of vouchers you can use:

On the 12th of December 2020, there will be a 10% off storewide. Two hours before the clock strikes midnight on the 12th of Dec, there will be a 20% OFF promotion too. The company has also mentioned that the 12.12 pre-sale actually saves you more than the actual 12.12 sale itself, so be sure to check their official Lazada store out:

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UGreen HiTune T1 TWS Earbuds Review: Powerful Bass Done Right 11
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