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UGreen HiTune X5 Review: Small, Yet Meaningful Upgrades

UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

Meet the UGreen HiTune X5 TWS earbuds, which is the company’s latest offering in the TWS eabuds segment. Being the new pioneer in the HiTune series, how well does it perform to outclass its predecessors? We’ll find out, but first, let’s check out the spec sheet.


ProductHiTune X5 TWS Earbuds
BluetoothVersion 5.2
Bluetooth Range10m
Audio CodecsQualcomm aptX, AAC, SBC
Frequency Response20Hz – 20KHz
BatteryCharging Case – 320mAh
Charging Port – USB Type-C
Charging DurationEarbuds – 1.5h
Charging Case – 2h
Battery Life7 Hours – Single Charge
28 Hours – With Charging Case
Misc FeaturesHi-Fidelity sound powered by Qualcomm®aptX™
10mm dynamic driver with dual-composite diaphragm
Superbass™ low-frequency enhancement 
Qualcomm® TrueWireless Mirroring technology
4 Mics ENC and CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation Technology
70ms-low latency in Gaming Mode
Eco-friendly: Fully recyclable with RoHS compliance+V0 fire-proofing materials

What’s In The Box?

UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds
  • UGreen HiTune X5
  • Charging Case
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

The UGreen HiTune X5 now goes for a more subdued, darker “Night Blue” look, with the charging case having a more rounded appearance. It can still be placed properly on a flat surface, with the UGreen logo on the top lid. There is a small groove right above the three-dot notification LEDs to allow for easier opening of the charging case. Round the back, you get the hinge covered in a grey accent, with the pairing button seamlessly placed below it. On the bottom base, there’s the USB Type-C port for charging, and unfortunately, no the charging case does not support wireless charging.

The charging case does have a nice, strong magnetic connection to keep the lid tightly closed. And for the hinge, it has a strong spring to keep it open in place to prevent accidental closure. On the inside, you’ll find the UGreen HiTune X5 earbuds, with no other status LEDs.

UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

As for the earbuds themselves, they are a pair of in-ear earbuds with an oval-shaped stem. The overall earbuds has a glossy plastic finish, with two MEMS microphones on each side, and a blue dot design that’s inspired by nature on the touch sensor area. There’s also a status LED right above the UGreen logo. Moving inwards, you get the L/R identifiers, with the magnetic charging points, as well as an additional microphone.


UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

The trick to getting optimal audio experience on your TWS earbuds is the right fit, and that applies to the UGreen HiTune X5 TWS earbuds as well. Included in the box, you will find four extra sets of spare eartips to help you get the right fit for your ears. With our unit, the default eartip was already the best fit, so we didn’t need to swap them out.

The UGreen Hitune X5 has a 30-degree in-ear angle, and I could put them on with no issues at all. It slid in comfortably, and it managed to stay firmly in place without any irritation or audio fatigue even after long hours of use. The stem also has a gap from my face, which offers better comfort too.

User Experience

UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

The charging case on the UGreen Hitune X5 feels light, yet sturdy. The hinge is extra strong to prevent unwanted closure when opening the lid, and the status LEDs are bright so you can tell the battery levels with just one glance. The earbuds are also easily retrievable as the top part offers a nice grip.

These earbuds are made to work right out of the box, so there is no companion app for you to install to get it work. The earbuds themselves feel lightweight, and are straightforward to setup. Just put them on, go to Bluetooth settings on your phone, tap on “Pair/Connect”, and you’re ready to start listening.

In terms of connectivity, the HiTune X5 does have Bluetooth 5.2, so there’s no problems when it comes to connection. I’ve never heard any audio stutter, or experience any disconnects. It also has Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring to enable seamless switching between stereo and mono mode if you’re switching between one, or dual earbuds usage. To sweeten the deal, you can even switch to Gaming Mode to bring the latency down to 70ms. That ensures the audio you’re hearing is as closely synced with the visuals you’re seeing on screen, and it works well in videos, and games.

UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

When connected to my Asus Zenfone 8, the notification bar does have a permanent notification that shows you the battery level. And when you tap in, it shows you detailed controls to disconnect, forget device, as well as what the earbuds has access to – music, Google Assistant, and more.

The UGreen Hitune X5 does have an IPX5 dust and water resistance rating, so it worked well in deterring sweat and water splash. We brought it on a jog, and a few rounds of RingFit Adventures, it worked well with no complaints.

I was surprised to find that there was no wear detection on the earbuds. So, when you take the earbuds off, just know that music will still continue playing. However, you can single tap on the touch sensor area to pause the music manually.

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UGreen HiTune X5 Review: Small, Yet Meaningful Upgrades 11

Touch Controls

UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

The UGreen Hitune X5 does support touch features, and the touch sensor is a little too large that I sometimes get accidental touches on it while putting them on or taking them off. Apart from that, the touch sensor is responsive and there’s little to no delay in recognizing your touch commands. Bonus points to UGreen for including volume controls directly on the touch sensor this time around, as that is definitely more convenient than having to whip out my phone all the time.

That being said, as there is no companion app to go with the earbuds, this also means that the touch controls are non-customizable. You cannot change the touch controls to the way you like them, and are pretty much stuck with UGreen’s configurations. However, they work well out of the box, so I wouldn’t change them either.

Here are the available touch commands on the UGreen Hitune X5:

Music Playback:

  • Play/Pause – Single Tap L/R Earbud
  • Next/Previous Track – Triple Tap L/R Earbud Accordingly
  • Volume Up/Down – Double Tap L/R Earbud Accordingly

Making Calls:

  • Answer/End Call – Single Tap L/R Earbud
  • Decline A Call – Press and Hold L/R Earbud for 2 Seconds

EQ Switch

  • Quadruple Tap L/R Earbud to switch between Normal/Gaming Mode

Audio Quality

UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

When it comes to audio quality, the UGreen Hitune X5 has Hi-fidelity sound powered by Qualcomm’s QCC 3040 SoC, and a 10mm dynamic driver equipped with dual-composite diaphragm, as well as Superbass low-frequency enhancement. The sound on the earbuds has fairly decent highs, warm mids which makes for nice vocals, but the bass is where it steals the show. Each bass thump is well managed, and has very nice control. Every kick has the right amount of energy, and is always right where it needs to be. It doesn’t drown out other frequencies as well, as the sound isolation is fairly good too.

There is no ANC onboard, but the sheer audio and performance you get from the earbuds is good enough to overlook it. ANC can be useful if you’re a frequent commuter, but if you’re staying home and just need a good pair of earbuds for music, and possibly WFH, these will do just fine.

Call Quality

Equipped with 4 MEMS microphones and Qualcomm’s cVc echo cancelling and noise suppression algorithm, the UGreen Hitune X5 is capable of clear voice and video calls. When on normal phone calls and Discord sessions, my voice can be projected clearly with no distortion. It is described as crystal clear, with little to no ambient surrounding sound.

Battery Life

On a full charge and playing music non-stop at the 60% mark, I was able to get about 6 hours and 23 minutes of usage. That is pretty close to UGreen’s claim of 7 hours. Pair that with the charging case, I was able to get a total of 27 hours from varying use. To fully charge the earbuds and the charging case from zero to full, it takes about an hour and a half to do so. According to UGreen, a 15 minute charge can provide up to an hour of music playback.


UGreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

The UGreen Hitune X5 is a no-fuss pair of TWS earbuds, designed to look good and immediately work right out of the box. There’s no need to fumble over installing apps, tweaking the right settings, everything from touch controls to music playback just works. The only thing you can customize is the eartip, and that’s essential for getting a snug fit for better audio listening experience.

Priced at RM209, the UGreen Hitune X5 will be one of my top recommended TWS earbuds in that price range. It looks good, feels good, and most importantly, it sounds good. If you pre-order from today till the 20th of June, you will receive 30% off, which brings the earbuds down to just RM146.30. To get one for yourself, check out the HiTune X5 on UGreen’s official website, or on their official Lazada or Shopee stores.

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UGreen HiTune X5 Review: Small, Yet Meaningful Upgrades 11
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