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DJI Announces Air 3 Drone Boasting New Dual Primary Cameras Starting RM4799

DJI Air 3 Announcement

DJI has announced their latest successor to the Air series, the DJI Air 3. It features two primary cameras: a wideangle and a 3x medium telephoto camera, enabling users to capture shots with sense of compression and delivering an ideal medium focal length for aerial photography enthusiasts.

This all-rounder drone offers the ability to shoot 4K60 HDR videos, and both cameras boast 48MP photo capabilities.

DJI Air 3 Dual Primary Cameras

The DJI Air 3 boasts the first dual-primary camera system of the Air Series, which embeds a 1/1.3-inch CMOS wide-angle camera and a 1/1.3-inch CMOS 3x medium tele camera in a compact space. The two cameras have the same sensor size but different focal lengths, which results in more consistent image quality and more diverse camera language.

With the wide-angle camera, sweeping landscapes can be captured more fully. It offers a 2.4μm pixel size, a 24mm format equivalent, and an F1.7 aperture. The 3x Medium Tele Camera offers a 2.4μm pixel size, 70mm format equivalent, and an F2.8 aperture.

Extended Flight Time

DJI Announces Air 3 Drone Boasting New Dual Primary Cameras Starting RM4799 7

Compared with its predecessor in the Air Series, the DJI Air 3 has 48% more max flight time of up to 46 minutes. Thus, pilots can seek the best position and adjust the composition with more peace of mind during a single flight. 

The new battery charging hub supports a power accumulation function. Users can press and hold the function button to transfer the remaining power from multiple batteries to the battery with the highest remaining power. This feature gives pilots the freedom and flexibility to make the most of their flight while, for example, hiking in the mountains or biking in the forest, where charging possibilities are limited.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing and O4 Video Transmission

DJI Announces Air 3 Drone Boasting New Dual Primary Cameras Starting RM4799 8

The DJI Air 3 is the first drone in the Air Series to include omnidirectional obstacle sensing. This feature enables comprehensive environmental awareness, allowing the drone to detect obstacles in all directions. In the front and at the back, the drone is equipped with a pair of fisheye lenses to achieve forward, backward, left, right, and upward sensing, while the bottom is equipped with binocular lenses and a 3D TOF, achieving powerful omnidirectional obstacle sensing. 

The next-generation O4 video transmission system endows the DJI Air 3 with outstanding performance. It not only offers a transmission distance of up to 20 km, but also further improves transmission stability to avoid stuttered live view for safer flight. It supports up to 1080p/60fps live feeds, and a higher frame rate ensures a smoother viewing experience. 

Price and Availability

The DJI Air 3 is available to order from and authorized retail partners, with shipping starting today, in the following configurations:

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DJI Announces Air 3 Drone Boasting New Dual Primary Cameras Starting RM4799 9
  • DJI Air 3 (DJI RC-N2) for the retail price of RM4,799
  • DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC-N2) for the retail price of RM5,799
  • DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2) for the retail price of RM6,589

For more information, please visit DJI’s official website.

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