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Cooler Master Unveils Latest Caliber Cooling Series, Caliber X1C And R2C

Cooler Master Unveils Latest Caliber Cooling Series, Caliber X1C And R2C 7

Cooler Master launched their latest Caliber X1C and Caliber R2C gaming chairs featuring the innovative Cool-In Fabric Tech.

“I live in Malaysia myself, and I think I speak for everyone when I say most regular gaming chairs out there are not exactly ideal for warmer climates,”

“With our new Cool-In Tech, everyone can enjoy the excellent ergonomics and stylish designs of our Caliber gaming chairs, while keeping cool. We are Cooler Master, after all.”Eng Kiat, Cooler Master Country Manager (Malaysia).

Cooler Master Caliber X1C & R2C

Cooler Master Caliber X1C & R2C

Cool-In Fabric Tech Keeps You Cool

Cooler Master’s new Cool-In Fabric Tech is designed to help you keep your cool in the heat of battle. A unique star-shaped yarn design allows the Caliber X1C and Caliber R2C to be breathable, moisture-absorbent and also quickly dries, all key features to help you stay comfortable in warm and humid climates. “Jade Powder” particles embedded in the yarn also helps to improve heat dissipation. Overall, the Cool-In Fabric Tech allows both the Caliber X1C and Caliber R2C to feel up to 2°C cooler than regular gaming chairs.

Built to Last

The common assumption that fabric-based gaming chairs will get dirty faster and be harder to clean than PU leather-wrapped gaming chairs is dispelled by the Caliber X1C and Caliber R2C. Cooler Master developed the Cool-In Fabric Tech to be scratch-resistant as well as easy to clean. The fabric’s dust repellent property also further helps to keep the clean. The steel frame and metal legs of the Caliber X1C and Caliber R2C are designed to withstand up to 150kg loads, ready for individuals with a larger build.

Ergonomic Comfort for Long Work/Play Sessions

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Cooler Master Unveils Latest Caliber Cooling Series, Caliber X1C And R2C 8

Carrying over the renowned ergonomics of the regular Caliber R2 and Caliber X1, the Caliber R2C and Caliber X1C are ready to meet every individual’s ergonomic needs. The full-range 90° to 180° reclining backrest, adjustable armrests – 2D with the Cooler Master R2C, 4D with the Cooler Master X1C – and 8cm of height adjustability let you dial in the perfect settings for your comfort.


The Caliber X1C and Caliber R2C are now available for purchase in Malaysia.

  • Caliber X1C – RM 1,499
  • Caliber R2C – RM 1,199

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