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Cooler Master XG850 Platinum Power Supply Quick Review: True 850W Power With Great Efficiency

Cooler Master XG850 Platinum Review

We have received the Cooler Master XG850 Platinum for review.

When it comes to building a PC, the power supply is often ignored. “Get the cheapest one with 80 PLUS rating and the right wattage” has always been the mantra, as power supplies don’t improve gaming performance in any way.

However, a high quality power supply is essential for the longevity and reliability of your PC build. The last thing you want is your high-end components getting fried because of an unreliable power supply unit.

The Cooler Master XG850 Platinum is part of the company’s first fully in-house power supply platform, and features the best componentry and efficiency rating among the brand’s power supply offerings.

Cooler Master XG850 Platinum Specifications

ATX VersionIntel ATX 12V Ver. 2.53
Input Voltage100-240V
Input Current12-6A
Dimensions (L x W x H)160 x 150 x 86 mm
Fan Size135mm
Fan Speed1,800 RPM
Efficiency≥ 92% @ Typical Load
80 PLUS Rating80 PLUS Platinum
MTBF100,000 Hours
ProtectionsOPP, OVP, OCP, UVP, SCP, OTP, Surge and Inrush Protection

What’s In The Box?

  • Cooler Master XG850 Platinum
  • Power plug
  • Cable connectors
  • Cable ties
  • Velco straps
  • Pouch
  • Cable carrying case


Cooler Master XG850 Platinum Power Supply Quick Review: True 850W Power With Great Efficiency 9

The Cooler Master XG850 has plenty of connectivity options. Aside from the motherboard connectors, you get 5 PCIE connectors and 4 SATA connectors, which is plenty sufficient for PC builds under 850 watts.

As it is a modular power supply, you only need to plug in the cables that you need, reducing overall clutter in the PC case. The cables are flat to make the visible side look more aesthetically pleasing.

Power & Efficiency

Cooler Master XG850 Platinum Power Supply Quick Review: True 850W Power With Great Efficiency 10

There has been a lot of misinformation about power supply wattages in the market. Some cheaper products will combine all the power output from all rails to boost the numbers, but essential components such as the motherboard and GPU runs on the 12V rail, and if the 12V rail’s power output is insufficient, the PC will not work properly. Fortunately, the XG850 Platinum’s 12V rail is rated for 849.6W of output power, allowing it to supply sufficient power for power hungry components.

The Cooler Master XG850 Platinum is also one of the few power supplies in the market that is rated for 80 PLUS Platinum, delivering a 92% efficiency under typical loads. Practically speaking, the power supply will draw less power from the socket, reducing your electricity usage (and expense) in the long run.


The Cooler Master XG850 Platinum has a 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan, which only starts spinning at 50% output power using Smart Thermal Control Mode. This in turn makes the PC feel quieter when performing lighter tasks or at idle. There is a hybrid switch that allows users to turn this feature off for a more consistent fan operation.

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Cooler Master XG850 Platinum Power Supply Quick Review: True 850W Power With Great Efficiency 11

Final Thoughts

Cooler Master XG850 Platinum Power Supply Quick Review: True 850W Power With Great Efficiency 12

Retailing at RM839, the Cooler Master XG850 is quite expensive for an 850W power supply. At this price range, you start to get diminishing returns. If you are building a mid-range gaming PC, you will be better off settling with a 80 PLUS Gold power supply such as the Cooler Master MWE Gold series and invest the balance elsewhere .

However, it is incredibly efficient and comes with a 10 year warranty for ease of mind, especially if you are building a high end PC with top of the line components.

For more information, please visit the official product page.

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