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Intel Discontinues 9th Gen “Skylake-X” CPUs


Reports have surfaced recently regarding the discontinuation of Intel’s previous 9th generation “Skylake-X” CPUs. It’s said that a product change notification has been issued by the company for its Skylake-X HEDT (High End Desktop) processors (product discontinuation announcement). The company’s 9th generation Core X series Skylake-X CPUs was launched way back in 2017.

Goodbye, Intel “Skylake-X”

According to Intel, the discontinuation of its 9th Gen Skylake-X processors will be done in phases. The final orders for processors under this architecture will take place on 22 January 2021, which will then be shipped before 9 July 2021. Listed below are the list of affected processors (click to enlarge).

Those aside, it comes as no surprise to see Intel wanting to discontinue the Skylake-X processor lineup; especially since the company is now focusing more on producing its 10th and 11th generation CPUs. Purchasing Skylake-X processors at this moment isn’t economically sound anyway (for general consumers)—there are better and newer bang for your buck CPUs in the market.

(Source: TechPowerUp, VideoCardz)

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