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Intel Arc’s Latest Driver To Boost Performance Up To 49%, A750 Gets Price Cut

Intel Arc Drivers & Price Cut

The first Intel Arc GPUs were launched in late 2022. While it performed reasonably well for the price point, it struggled to run DirectX 11 or older titles at acceptable frame rates. Now Intel has promised the latest driver (version will significantly boost performance in several games. 

Also, the Arc A750 graphics card will now retail for $249, down from $289.

Intel Arc Driver Performance Gains

Intel Arc's Latest Driver To Boost Performance Up To 49%, A750 Gets Price Cut 5

Intel has showcased the performance gains across a variety of titles at 1080p, with CS:GO yielding a 43% improvement. Combining that performance uplift with A750’s price drop, Intel now claims the GPU now presents 52% “better gaming value” than the RTX 3060.

Intel Arc's Latest Driver To Boost Performance Up To 49%, A750 Gets Price Cut 6

We’re not quite sure how the math works to measure value, but this is definitely a step in the right direction for Intel, especially when the market desperately needs more competition in the budget GPU space.

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