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Cooler Master Launches Two New MasterBox ATX Models – MasterBox 540 & MasterBox MB600L V2, Priced From RM185

Cooler Master MasterBox

Cooler Master today announced the MasterBox 540 & MasterBox MB600L V2 to expand the series lineup. The duality in aesthetics address lighting-oriented builds for the ethereal MasterBox 540, while the MB600L V2 provides a minimalistic build theme.

Expanding the MasterBox Series

Nearly a decade of evolution is found within the MasterBox series DNA. From the first MasterBox 5 up to today’s launches, new technologies are continually integrated in current models. Embedded tech spans airflow optimization and aesthetic augments alike; with the MasterBox 540 and MasterBox MB600L V2, each new model provides an accumulation of innovation alongside a duality in aesthetic preference.

Cooler Master MasterBox 540

Cooler Master MasterBox 540

A vivid, iridescent design spans the entire front panel of the MasterBox 540. Customizable ARGB strips radiate behind the transparent façade for a stunning display of light. The ARGB strips can be set to match the color scheme of the system inside with an included controller, and will also sync to the motherboard for a limitless potential for customization.

A zero-compromise body allows the entire top panel to be removed, making it easier to route large radiators, install fans, and offer better overall access to the build. From aesthetics to component compatibility, the MasterBox 540 amazes in both its appearance and its potential.

Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2

Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2

Each element of the MasterBox MB600L was created from an elegant palette. With a brushed finish, subtle hue, and the minimalistic Cooler Master hexagon, this ATX PC case decorates the gaming setup and workspace while also being able to house the latest hardware. 

High style embellishes high upgradeability with front, top, and rear ventilation, offering additional mounting options for upgrading cooling components in the future. If an optional RGB or ARGB fan is installed behind the front panel, the Cooler Master hexagon will also be illuminated on the front panel. A total of 6 fans can be mounted simultaneously, ensuring that even the most demanding builds can stay cool under heavy use. 

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Cooler Master Launches Two New MasterBox ATX Models - MasterBox 540 & MasterBox MB600L V2, Priced From RM185 16

Variations of the MasterBox MB600L V2 are available with either a tempered glass side panel or steel side panel with ODD support.

Pricing And Availability

Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L V2 MB540

Both the MasterBox 540 & MasterBox MB600L V2 are now available for purchase in Malaysia, with the MasterBox 540 priced at RM439. As for the MasterBox MB600L series, the V2 is selling at RM199, while the Steel V2 variant will be priced at RM185.

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