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Crysis Remastered Gets Delayed


It seems that we’ll have to wait a little longer before we can get our hands on Crysis Remastered. Crytek has recently released a statement which stated that the game will now be delayed indefinitely—but the company is still planning for a 2020 release.

Crysis Remastered Release Postponed

The announcement by Crytek was made via its official Twitter account and it states that the developer will need more time to ‘polish’ the game. Interestingly, the statement also addressed the recent Crysis Remastered trailer leak, which was met with somewhat negative reactions from a certain group of gamers. Some gamers have complained that the upcoming game simply doesn’t live up to the current generation graphics standard (judging from the leaked trailer).

This is understandable as Crysis has always been known amongst gamers and PC enthusiasts to be the game to run when benchmarking a graphics card; hence the “but can it run Crysis?” joke. That being said, perhaps the graphics upgrade of the remastered game had to be ‘toned down’ as it’s also being released for the Nintendo Switch—which admittedly isn’t as powerful as current generation consoles and PCs.

Either way, Crytek’s delay announcement can be taken as a positive as well. The company even stated that “we’re listening” to the feedback from gamers. As a result, Crysis Remastered can be improved significantly now that there isn’t a fixed release date anymore.

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The famous saying, “can it run Crysis?” is about to become a ‘thing’ again. Folks at Crytek have recently announced that the Crysis Remastered...