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Womier K87 Quick Review: Full Of RGB Goodness

Womier K87 Review

The Womier K87 might just be the ultimate combination of mechanical goodness and superior RGB lighting. Apart from its bedazzling aesthetics, the board is also very well built, making it a great mechanical keyboard to type on. The Womier K87 is the 80% (size) variant keyboard, also known as TKL (tenkeyless), as opposed to the 60% variant, which is the K66.

Womier K87 – Specifications

  • Current Price: $79.99 (Banggood)
  • Key Switches: Gateron Yellow. Available also in Brown, Red, Blue, Black
  • Hot-swappable Switches
  • Number of keys: 87 keys
  • Case Material: Acrylic
  • Keycap Material: ABS, Doubleshot
  • Cable: USB Type-C 3.1, Detachable, 1.8m
  • Programmable: Yes (Macro and Lighting – Download Here)
  • Illumination: Switch and Full Case Backlighting
  • Customizable: Yes, separate presets and static colors for keys and case
  • N-Key Rollover
  • Software: N/A
  • Weight: 810g
  • Dimensions: 367 mm * 138 mm * 30 mm



Womier K87 Review

The Womier K87 is essentially just a larger version of the Womier K66. It has 87 keys, and still retains the Windows function buttons and the arrow cluster. If you need the numpad, you’re going to have to go with a full-sized 100% keyboard.

RGB Lighting

Womier K87 Review

The Womier K87 is fully decked out with RGB lighting, from the switch to the case itself. The board itself has 136 LEDs, with 49 of them placed under the board itself to give it that side and underglow.

There is a software for this keyboard, but it only allows you to change the RGB lighting profile, and that’s about it. There are a total of 18 lighting modes for you to choose from, each can be customized with its own colour, so knock yourself out.


Womier K87 Review

The keyboard casing is made out of frosted acrylic (Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate by CNC technics), so it blends those RGB colours nicely to illuminate the entire case. However, there are some noticable hot-spotting. But, if you’re typing and looking at from a standard viewing angle, it looks and blends together nicely.


Womier K87 Review

The Womier K87 is fitted with Gateron switches instead of Cherry MX switches and I’m glad they did that. I haven’t been a fan of Cherry lately, maybe it’s because i switched from a clicky Cherry MX Blue board to the Womier K87 board with linear (more quiet) Gateron Yellow switches.

The board also has hot-swappable sockets, instead of having the switches soldered onto the board itself. What this means is that you can easily just pull out the embedded switch, and replace it with another switch of your choice. You’d mostly do this because you found a new switch that’s more of your preference, or you just want to replace a defective switch (e.g. key not registering).

Womier K87 Review

This is great if you’re new to mechanical keyboards, and want to have the option of upgrading/changing switches in the future. Don’t like the Gateron Yellows anymore and got intrigued with the Glorious Pandas? Just swap them out, albeit swapping all 87 keys does take a bit of time. If you’re still into Cherry MX switches, you can easily swap back to them too. So in the future, you don’t need to buy an entirely new board, just get a pack or two of the switches you like.


Womier K87 Review

The Womier K87 also features doubleshot ABS keycaps. This means that the legends are made with a second piece of plastic that prevents errosion and fading, so your keys are likely to last longer.

The legends are also placed towards the top to accomodate the north-facing switches. Do note that the Windows FN key combo legends aren’t printed on, so you’ll have to figure out which key does what. Thankfully, I’ve already done it for you.

  • FN + Up – Increase backlight brightness
  • FN + Down – Decrease backlight brightness
  • FN + Del – Change keyboard backlight effects (18 total)
  • FN + Home/End/Ins/Pg Up/Pg Down – Change keyboard backlight effects (18 total)
  • FN + Ins – Control side light effects
  • FN + Backspace – Press and hold 3 seconds to restore factory settings
  • FN + Left – Reduction of light efficiency rate
  • FN + Right – Increase light efficiency rate
  • FN + F1
  • FN + F1
  • FN + F1

User Experience

Womier K87 Review

The Womier K87 is a great keyboard to use, especially for beginners. It’s a board that I would prefer over any mainstream gaming brand keyboard out in the market right now.

The acrylic casing does a great job of muting the typing sounds, and it gives it a nice, subtle “thock”. The stabilizers are a bit rattly, especially the spacebar, delete, and enter keys. You can actually remedy this yourself, thanks to the hot-swappable switches. All you need to do is remove all the keycaps and switches, open up the board from the bottom, and remove the stabilizers. Clip the top feet of each stabilizer and a little dielectric grease to the metal bars. Reassemble it, and you’re good to go. If you want, you can also add a small piece of band-aid to the spot where the stabilizers rest. That is called a “Band-aid mod”, and it helps reduce the rattle and wobblyness of the keys that are longer (spacebar, enter, delete etc. Apart from that, every other key feels solid and have very minimal wobble.

Womier K87 Review

When it comes to the switches, the Gateron Yellow switches are impressively smooth, and the springs have just the right amount of force (62g). There was no audible spring ping, which gives it a very light sound profile, and not at all noisy – a godsend coming from the Cherry MX Blues which are super clicky and loud.

Because the keyboard has N-key Rollover, it also makes it a great choice for gamers. But you might want to switch to the Gateron Reds because that’s a switch that has a lower actuation force, granting faster key presses for aspiring gamers.

Womier K87 Review

One thing I would’ve liked on the Womier K87 is typing angle adjustment. The bottom of the case only has these rubber pads, and they can’t be adjusted in any way. So, you’re pretty much stuck with just one typing angle.


Womier K87 Review

The Womier K87 is an amazing keyboard, and you’re only going to buy it for two things – hot-swappable sockets and RGB goodness. It’s extremely bright, but you can adjust the brightness levels. The hot-swappable sockets make it great for future upgrading, supporting both 5-pin as well as 3-pin switches.

There’s also the Drop Carina Kit and the TOFU65 Arylic Keyboard case. The former having a more expensive price tag that doesn’t come with switches or keycaps, and the latter being only a casing that’s already more expensive than the Womier K87 that has the case, board, switches, and keycaps.

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Womier K87 Quick Review: Full Of RGB Goodness 9

Sure, the more expensive price tag does have a higher quality build but the Womier K87 offers an amazing pre-built set at a price tag that is really hard to resist. So, if you’re looking to future-proof your switch options in your mechanical keyboard, and can’t let go of that RGB flair, the Womier K87 is a unique, yet affordable choice for you.

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