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Glorious GMMK 100% Review: A Hidden Gem Of A Mechanical Keyboard

Glorious GMMK

The Glorious GMMK, which is also known as Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard, is a great keyboard that offers a lot of features such as hot-swappable switches, full RGB backlighting, advanced customizability, in three different sizes. It may look like any mechanical keyboard in the market, but it’s the internal that makes the difference. Let’s find out what makes the full-sized GMMK tick.

Glorious GMMK – Specifications

LayoutInternational (ISO) – 105 Key
Dimensions (L x W x H)440 x 129 x 35.9 mm
(17.3 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches)
Multiple Choices
ABS Doubleshot Injection
USB CordNon-removable
RGB16.8 Million Color RGB LED backlight with special effects
Cable2m Braided Cable
Polling Rate1000Hz
HotkeysMy Computer, Web Browser, Calculator, Media Player, Previous Track, Next Track, Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, Volume Decrease, Volume Increase

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Glorious Gaming Keyboard
  • 1 x Keycap Puller Tool
  • 1 x Switch Puller Tool
  • 1 x Glorious ESC Keycap
  • 1 x Braided USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual Book


Glorious GMMK

The Glorious GMMK has a nice compact design, despite being a full-sized 105 key keyboard. The company reduced any waste of space by trimming off the sides, leaving the board with just the effective typing area and no excess space/bezels.

If the full size keyboard isn’t your taste or if you want to save more space on your desk, the Glorious GMMK also comes in a tenkeyless (TKL 80%) version, as well as an even more compact 60% version.

The entire keyboard weighs 1KG, and that’s relatively light, making it a great board if you’re carrying it around with you to the office or tournaments. The keyboard itself feels very premium, even if it’s made with plastic. The elegance comes from the metal edge and plate and on the sides.

Glorious GMMK
Red “Ascend” Keycap

The ESC key has also been replaced with a red “Ascend” keycap. But if you prefer the traditional ESC key, it’s included within the box too.


Glorious GMMK
Kailh Coppers on the left, Gateron Browns on the right.

As for the board itself, the Glorious GMMK is dubbed as the world’s first fully modular gaming mechanical keyboard. Being hot-swappable, this means that you can easily replace the switches to a switch of your liking. This is easily one of my most favourite feature of this keyboard.

Don’t like the Cherry MX Browns anymore and prefer Zealios? Just pull out the Gateron Browns with the included switch puller, and swap in the Zealios. It’s that simple, no soldering/desoldering needed. You can use any Cherry, Kailh, or Gateron switch too.

Glorious GMMK

Everything in the keyboard, including the PCB and plate is firm, and I can hear no rattling whatsoever. On the bottom, there are four rubber pads that keep it in place on your desk, two big ones on the bottom, and two smaller ones on the top. There’s a single incline setting with the elevation feet, cable grommets to reroute the USB cable, and even a special slot to store your keycap puller.

RGB Lighting

Glorious GMMK

When it comes to the RGB lighting, it’s fairly decent. The keys are all individually backlit, but it’s a little too dim for me. It shines through the keycaps nicely, but during the day, it can be a little hard to see the RGB lights.

Glorious GMMK

When it comes to customization, there’s a whole bunch of colour options and themes to choose from. You can customize it either with Glorious’ own software for the GMMK or right from the keyboard itself. Just press on the FN key and tap on Ins/Home/End/Del/Pg Up/Pg Down to cycle through the available RGB colour patterns.


The Glorious GMMK has a 2-meter braided USB Type-C cable that is unfortunately not removable. That being said, the TKL and 60% version of the Glorious GMMK do feature a removable USB Type-C cable.

Apart from that, the cable feels sturdy and it has a nice length that can definitely reach your desktop without any problems.


Glorious GMMK

Our Glorious GMMK mechanical keyboard came with Gateron Brown switches, and a set of Kailh Copper switches to swap and change. On the Gateron Brown, it has a 45g actuation weight, and the switches feels extremely smooth (unlubed) when compared to my Gateron Yellows. It feels very similar to the Cherry MX Brown, where keypresses are snappy and precise.

Also a tactile switch, the Kailh Coppers have a 50g tactile bump and an actuation point of 1.1mm into its 3.5mm travel distance. As compared to the Gateron Browns, my preference leans more towards the Kailh Coppers as it has a nice tactile bump and a sweet spot in actuation force.

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Glorious GMMK 100% Review: A Hidden Gem Of A Mechanical Keyboard 11
Glorious GMMK Gateron Brown

When purchasing a Glorious GMMK, the company allows you to choose your switch to be bundled with your purchase. You can choose from:

  • Gateron Black
  • Gateron Blue
  • Gateron Brown
  • Gateron Clear
  • Gateron Green
  • Gateron Red
  • Kailh Box Black
  • Kailh Box Brown
  • Kailh Box Red
  • Kailh Box White
  • Kailh Speed Bronze
  • Kailh Speed Copper
  • Kailh Speed Silver
  • Kailh Pro Purple

Or, you can even buy it without any switches. If you decide to change it one day, you can easily do so yourself and that’s the real beauty of the Glorious GMMK.


Glorious GMMK

The keycaps on the Glorious GMMK are ABS doubleshot injection keycaps. They do feel a bit thin as compared to doubleshot PBT keycaps, but it still provides an excellent typing experience. The keycaps feel smooth, but it isn’t too slippery to cause a misclick.

Most of the keys are stable and have no wobble. But when it comes to the spacebar, I can hear a little rattling and spring ping on the left end.

Typing Experience

Glorious GMMK

Typing on the Glorious GMMK is an absolute treat, both on the Gateron Browns and Kailh Copper. The keycaps are well spaced out, and this helps in prevention of typos. Coming from the Gateron Yellows, I realized I type lighter and faster with better accuracy. Even after writing articles for the entire day, I don’t feel any fatigue at all. In fact, I’m motivated to write and type even more because of how good it feels typing on these switches.


Where typing sound is concerned, the Gateron Browns and Kailh Coppers aren’t as quiet as the Gateron Yellows, but it’s definitely quieter than the clicky switches like the Cherry MX Blues.

The keys do have a bright, hollow yet subtle thock to it, which proves pleasurable when typing. Although, they do feel and sound scratchy at times.


Glorious GMMK

The Glorious GMMK is an amazing board because of its capability of changing switches anytime. I’m a person who always wants to try different switches, and the thought of soldering/desoldering just to change switches haunts me.

I’m already considering swapping in a set of Novelkey Creams after the Kailh Coppers, and the hot-swap feature is definitely going to smoothen the transition process. We’re hoping to get a set of Glorious Pandas to try them out too.

We wished the USB Type-C cable could’ve been removable, but if that’s something you’re looking for, you should consider the smaller TKL and 60% variants. There may not be dedicated media control keys, but at least they’re embedded into the Function row keys.

You should definitely consider the Glorious GMMK if you:

  • Considering changing/upgrading switches in the future
  • Love RGB
  • Want a light keyboard
  • Need typing angle adjustment
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Chief Content Developer at The AXO

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