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Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review: RGB And Thocc On A Budget

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review: RGB And Thocc On A Budget 17

Gamakay LK67 just got released, it’s a 65% keyboard that is both hot-swappable and has triple mode connectivity. Available as a kit or pre-built, of which Gamakay offers a variety of switch options, including their own in-house mechanical switches. The keyboard kit is sold for US$69.99 while the pre-built with Gamakay switches can be had for US$95.99.

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review: RGB And Thocc On A Budget

Out of the box, the Gamakay LK67 keyboard comes with a keycap and switch puller, detachable USB-C cable, a USB wireless dongle and 3 sample switches (namely the Gamakay Crystal, Bumblebee and Phoenix). Our sample came with Gamakay’s own Crystal linear switches.

Gamakay LK67 Features

  • Triple Mode Connectivity – USB-C, Bluetooth, & 2.4Ghz Wireless
  • 2400 mAh Battery
  • Hot-Swappable 5-Pin PCB
  • Volume & Play/Pause Multi-Function Knob
  • Switch and Case RGB Lighting

Keyboard Design

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review: RGB And Thocc On A Budget

The Gamakay LK67 uses a tray mounted design with factory lubed switches and on-board stabilisers. It is also pre-installed with noise dampening foam between the board and PCB, however no foam is installed at the bottom of the case. On the top right, you will find a volume knob that also acts as a play/pause button when pressed, a feature usually reserved for higher end custom keyboards. 

Despite its all-plastic construction, the case feels sturdy. The hot-swappable PCB features a 5-pin design, leaving tons of room for experimentation with different switch types. RGB fans will also be delighted by the RGB lighting all over the switches, the base and the sides of the keyboard. The Gamakay LK67 uses double-shot PBT pudding keycaps that help illuminate the RGB effects further. 

While the keyboard case is slightly inclined, there are no adjustable feet to change the angle of said inclination. Moreover, the keyboard is quite tall, so using a palm rest is highly recommended. Like many other boards of the same price bracket, the Gamakay LK67 offers three different connectivity modes, namely wired via USB-C cables, Bluetooth, and 2.4 Ghz wireless via a USB dongle. One thing I would have liked however is a storage slot for the USB dongle to be built into the board as they can easily get misplaced due to their miniature size.

Software And Customization

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review: RGB And Thocc On A Budget

The Gamakay LK67 can be further customised via a software that can be downloaded from the official website. You can change between 22 different RGB lighting effects, as well as remap each individual key and macros. You can also update the keyboard’s firmware, although I have no idea what each update does as there is no changelog on the software. 

The software however is not as intuitive as I have liked, mainly due to the poor translation of the menus and options. Most users will only need to change the RGB lighting anyways, and you can easily cycle them using the Fn key combinations. 

Typing Experience

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review: RGB And Thocc On A Budget

Typing on the Gamakay LK67 keyboard generally feels great, but could be better. While Gamakay claims the switches have been pre-lubed, the application was too light for me as the switches exhibit notable scratchiness and inconsistent typing feel. I would highly recommend re-lubricating the switches with better lubricant such as the Krytox 205g0 to significantly improve the typing characteristics. 

That minor nitpick aside, you can get sufficient “thocc” as the pre-installed noise dampening foam does a great job at cancelling out harsh pings and noise. Despite being a tray mounted keyboard, typing on it still feels comfortable with a solid bottom-out feel. If this is your preference, you will feel right at home with the Gamakay LK67.

The multifunction knob is stepped and may feel a bit too tight to turn at first, but after some use I was able to make it turn smoothly. On the connectivity front, there is no discernible difference between using the wired and 2.4Ghz wireless mode. However, using bluetooth will cause occasional input lag. 

Final Thoughts

Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review: RGB And Thocc On A Budget

The Gamakay LK67 definitely has some shortcomings, but it delivers on typing experience. For only US$95.99, you get a great keyboard with all the features you need and more. If you are keen on getting your feet wet in the mechanical keyboard hobby without spending too much money upfront, the Gamakay LK67 is a great option that works right out of the box while leaving ample room for you to customise it to your liking.

So what do you think of the Gamakay LK67? If you want to learn more, you can visit their official store for more details or their Official AliExpress Store to get one yourself.

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Gamakay LK67 Keyboard Review: RGB And Thocc On A Budget 18
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