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Cooler Master x RacunTech Bangsawan Gaming Peripherals Review: The Pandora Box Of Gaming

Cooler Master x RacunTech Bangsawan Gaming Peripherals

The Cooler Master x RacunTech Bangsawan Gaming Peripherals is here to start your gaming journey, or to switch up your gaming setup if you’ve been thinking about changing your peripherals for a while now. Instead of just changing piece by piece, why not change it up for a whole matching set? That’s right, Cooler Master x RacunTech bundle offers not only the complete set for your gaming sessions, but also unbeatable value at just RM399/set.

Cooler Master x RacunTech Bangsawan Gaming Peripherals

Cooler Master x RacunTech

If you are a newbie to the gaming world, you may feel very overwhelmed with all the different brands out there. But fret not, that’s where we come in to suggest you some of the best or noteworthy products in the market – Cooler Master x RacunTech bundle. And if you’re a veteran, you’ll also probably already be familiar with the Cooler Master brand.

If you still don’t know Cooler Master, they’re a brand that manufactures some of the best computer cases, power supplies, air and liquid CPU coolers, laptop cooling pads, and many more. Of course, gaming peripherals are also part of their portfolio, and they have a vast range from entry-level to premium selections.

Cooler Master x RacunTech

Cooler Master aims to equip gamers with the best equipment they need without having to break the bank. With that, they have collaborated with RacunTech to create Cooler Master x RacunTech Bangsawan Gaming Peripherals bundle. As shown in the images, each of the product has a RacunTech logo etched on it. But the collab goes beyond just etching on a logo, the Cooler Master x RacunTech collab shows the commitment in both organizations providing value to the local community, empowering them to achieve more for less.

What’s In The Cooler Master x RacunTech Bangsawan Gaming Peripherals Bundle?

  • CK352 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (worth RM 289)
  • MH630 Gaming Headset (worth RM 209)
  • CM310 Gaming Mouse (worth RM 109)
  • MP511 XL Gaming Mousepad (worth RM 109)
  • WR531 Full Size Wrist Rest (worth RM 29)

WR531 Full Size Wrist Rest

Cooler Master x RacunTech

Let’s leave the best for last. We’ll start with this full-sized wrist rest that fits perfectly with the CK352 mechanical keyboard. Unlike any other wrist rest I’ve used (wood and resin), this has a splash-resistant fabric that provides ample comfort as I game away on my PC. I also noticed that despite it being lightweight, the rubber base helps it stay firmly in place even with my aggressive hand movements during my gaming sessions, or when I’m furiously typing to craft angry emails.

MP511 XL Gaming Mousepad

Cooler Master x RacunTech

Next up in the Cooler Master x RacunTech bundle, we have the Cooler Master MP511 XL Gaming Mousepad. With a similar fabric-feel to the WR531 Wrist Rest, the CM310 Gaming Mouse glides smoothly on this MP511 XL Gaming Mousepad. Note that the size of this gaming mousepad is about 900mm x 400mm which is very large and would potentially cover up 90% of your desk (at least that was for me). So you don’t have to worry, it will definitely fit the CK352 keyboard, the WR531 wrist rest, the CM310 mouse and even have extra space for you to place theMH630 headset! 

CM310 Gaming Mouse

Cooler Master x RacunTech

The Cooler Master CM310 was one of my favourites from this Cooler Master x RacunTech bundle. Equipped with a PixArt PMW3325 sensor, the CM310 has pristine accuracy, and a high maximum tracking speed up to 10,000 DPI. Even though I wouldn’t use that high of DPI, but it’s nice to know I have it for the day I need it. I usually hover around 5,500 DPI.

Compared to the standard office mice I use in the office, the Cooler Master CM310 Gaming Mouse’s ambidextrous shape is what impressed me the most. It felt nice in the hands, but since the side buttons are placed on the left, it might be more suited for right handers instead. Apart from that, I felt extreme comfort as it fits my hand snugly, and the best part, I could change the colour of the lights by just clicking on the buttons on the mouse. How cool is that? 

CK352 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master x RacunTech

The Cooler Master CK352 is a full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard with 108-keys altogether. This provides you with everything you need from the function row down to the numpad. The chassis is made with a sandblasted aluminum plate giving it a matte finish. In terms of the keycaps, it is a dual-tone double-shot ABS keycap design for durability and resistance.

Equipped with Cherry MX Brown switches, being brown switches, the typing experience is great. I’m already used to brown switches so this was a familiar experience for me. When it comes to gaming, the switches are a little heavier for my liking, as I feel Cherry MX Reds are more suited for gaming (yeah, cliche, I know). Don’t get me wrong, you can still game just fine on Cherry Browns, but if you’re a full-time gamer, you might want the Cherry Red version for faster and lighter actuation.

Cooler Master x RacunTech

My favourite part about this keyboard is the part where I could customise the RGB lights just by clicking the keys on the upper left side of the board. RGB lighting is still my number one priority (guilty pleasure), and I had a fun time choosing colours to fit my mood and with the classy ambient lightbars on the side, my setup looked pretty sick, don’t you think?

MH630 Gaming Headset

Cooler Master x RacunTech

Saving the best in the Cooler Master x RacunTech bundle for the last, this is the Cooler Master MH630 Gaming Headset. The MH630 Gaming Headset features a thick, fabric mesh cushion for maximum comfort (my ears are blessed). For someone who’s more accustomed to wearing earbuds, I’ve worn them for a whole day straight, approximately from 11AM to 6PM, and they won’t hurt one bit.

Cooler Master x RacunTech

Additionally, the MH630 also has full range of motion where the earcups swivel for maximum comfort. This allows you to turn the earcups sideways so that when the headphones rest on your neck, they won’t be rubbing up against your cheeks or chin.

One of the many things about the MH630 that stands out the most would be the 50mm Neodymium drivers that delivers an astounding gaming audio experience. The audio experience with these headphones are well suited for general use. Not only is it good for gaming, it is also nicely tuned for entertainment as well. When it comes to music listening, the headphones provide bright highs, with decent mids, and just enough lows for the bass to thump in at higher volumes.

Not only that, it also has an omnidirectional boom microphone for seamless communication, be it in game or for work. And again, compared to earbuds, my voice has been commended for being ”clear and crisp compared to your earbuds”.


And there you have it, the Cooler Master x RacunTech Bangsawan Gaming Peripherals set that combines five of the most essential gaming peripherals into one affordable package. No fuss and no stress, a single purchase to solve all your gaming journey woes. With Cooler Master x RacunTech’s asking price of RM399, you’re getting RM749 worth of value, it’s quite a no-brainer.

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Cooler Master x RacunTech Bangsawan Gaming Peripherals Review: The Pandora Box Of Gaming 9
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