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You Can Now Lock Google Chrome Incognito Tabs On Android

Google Chrome Incognito mode

Being able to open incognito tabs can be useful, despite the *ahem* jokes for obvious reasons. Users can hide sensitive data such as medical and banking information while in incognito mode, especially on shared devices.

Google Chrome now has launched the “lock incognito tabs” feature on Android, where you can lock private tabs with an authentication check every time you exit the browser, making your web browsing more private.

Google Chrome’s “Lock Incognito Tabs” Feature Also Available On iOS Devices

You Can Now Lock Google Chrome Incognito Tabs On Android 5

This feature rollout comes after Google Chrome released it for iOS. So if you have not used it, you should enable it for enhance browsing privacy. Do keep in mind that incognito tabs does not mean your data will not not tracked by your ISP or government.

Lock Incognito Tabs
Image Credit: PC World

To enable the feature, you have to navigate to the “three dot” menu, then tap then Privacy and Security. Toggle on Lock Incognito Tabs When You Close Chrome. You can then use biometrics or a pin to secure your phone whenever you switch out of the browser.

Currently, the feature is not available on PC versions of Google Chrome.

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