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Xbox Rolling Out Energy Saving Update, Becomes First Carbon-Aware Game Console

Xbox Carbon Aware

Xbox today announced that users will receive updates for their Xbox Series X/S consoles to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact of their consoles.

Xbox Update Uses Up To 20X Less Energy

When the console is plugged in, connected to the Internet and regional carbon intensity data is available, Xbox will schedule game, app, and OS updates at specific times during the nightly maintenance window that may result in lower carbon emissions because a higher proportion of electricity is coming from lower-carbon sources on the electric grid.

This means reducing the console’s carbon footprint by optimizing updates and download times to when the console can use the most renewable energy in the user’s local energy grid.

Another energy setting update that will start to roll out to Xbox Insiders today is the new “Active hours” setting. For those that select the Sleep power option, users can now adjust their console’s active hours.

For more information on Microsoft and Xbox’s sustainability effort, check out Xbox’s official website.

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