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Valheim’s Upcoming Update Will Feature Land Of The Dead

Valheim Ashlands Update

Valheim has had a strong start since Early Access. What started as a viking themed exploration game now features base construction mechanics with the Hearth & Home update, and an expanded map area called the Mistlands.

Developer Iron Gate Studio has announced the next big biome in development, the Ashlands, a volcanic landscape that features lots of undead.

Valheim New Biome – The Ashlands

Valheim Undead

The Ashlands is believed to be still early in development, considering that the Mistlands was only released last month. While there is no release date, at least Valheim fans will have something to look forward to in 2023.

Other Updates In Roadmap

Hildr's Quest

There is also another quest in the works, called Hildr’s Quest. At first glance it seems to be clothing-focused to add some flair and style to fellow vikings.

On the accessibility front, Iron Gate has pledged to make the game more accessible for players with disabilities, and is currently obtaining feedback from players with disabilities in the Valheim community.

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