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Steam Celebrates Year Of The Rabbit With Chinese New Year Sale

Steam chinese new year sale

While Lunar New Year Sale is gone in favour of a major Spring Sale from 2023 onwards, gamers are greeted by Steam’s Chinese New Year Sale starting today.

Focus On Chinese Developers

Sword and Fairy 7
Sword and Fairy 7

The Chinese New Year sale will feature a number of games from Chinese developers, such as Sword and Fairy 7, Sands of Salzaar, and F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Tech. While the scale is much smaller than previous Lunar New Year sales, there are still good games to be found.

Steam Demos For Upcoming & Present Titles

Let's School by Panthea
Let’s School by Panthea

Players can also try out a few upcoming and present games with demos available. At least you can give the games a go without having to commit any money.

For the full list of games going on sale, please visit Steam’s official website.

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