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Pet Fish Commits ‘Credit Card Fraud’ As Owner Discovers It Shopping On Nintendo E-Store

Pet fish commits credit card fraud

Nintendo was forced to refund ¥500 (approximately RM16.40) to a YouTuber today after falling victim to credit card fraud. And the suspect? His pet fish.

The bizarre incident occurred in Japan, where the perpetrator was caught red-finned on camera during a live stream on the Mutekimaru Youtube channel. The channel is famous for its clips of fish playing video games on the Nintendo Switch through motion detection tracking software, inputing commands on the video game system based on where the fish is positioned.

Pet Fish Committed ‘Fraud’ During Live Stream

Mutekimaru channel live stream

However, during a live stream of the fish playing Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the game crashed when the YouTuber stepped away from the camera momentarily. But the console was still on and continued to follow the fish’s inputs leading to the Nintendo e-Store.

The pet fish eventually spent ¥500 on the storefront. In addition, it used the gold coins saved up from purchases to buy a golfing digital cosmetic from Nintendo Switch Sports. The fish also managed to expose the owner’s credit card information to the public on the live stream during the purchase.

Pet fish reveals credit card information

After Mutekimaru discovered the incident, he contacted Nintendo, explained the situation, and requested a refund, which was eventually granted by the company, according to Techspot.

You can watch the incident as it unfolds below:

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