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NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti / Titan Leaked, Massive 4 Slot Chonker GPU


Twitter user MEGAsizeGPU has leaked pictures of what seems to be the alleged upcoming Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti or Nvidia RTX 40 series Titan graphics card.

NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti / Titan Leaked, Massive 4 Slot Chonker GPU 5

The rumoured flagship is pictured to have a 4 slot design, with a heat vent at the back. While the moniker is yet to be confirmed, we can see clearly that the PCB board number is PG137.

Purported RTX 4090 Ti Has Monstrous Specs

NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti / Titan Leaked, Massive 4 Slot Chonker GPU 6

According a reputable leaker kopite7kimi, the upcoming Ada architecture “beast” GPU will have 48G 24Gbps GDDR6X memory, and a whopping 800W total board power.

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