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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Quietly Returns To Steam, Now At 50% Off

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy

Remember the disastrous release of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on Steam? It was ridden with bugs, weird textures, and other problems before being pulled out from Steam. Now it is back at half price in conjunction with the Rockstar Games Publisher Sale until 2 February.

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Disastrous Launch

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Steam page

When it initially launched, it was almost unplayable to the point Rockstar, the developers had to apologise and take down the listing on Steam. Moreover, players who have bought the Trilogy were given the old versions of the game, which still runs great to this day.

Updates and patches followed, and now Rockstar Games deems the Trilogy is good enough to relist on Steam, complete with Steam achievements. It is also verified as ‘playable’ on the Steam Deck.

Rockstar Games Sale

However, not everyone is happy, as many soon found out that the listing uses the October 2022 version, which while playable, still experienced some game-breaking bugs.

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