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Google Stadia Controller Bluetooth Support Now Available, Works With PC, Mac & Other Devices

Google Stadia Controller Bluetooth Mode

Google Stadia has finally met its demise today, however users can still find solace and repurpose the Stadia Controller as a Bluetooth game pad.

Update Via Chrome

Stadia Controller Update Menu

Google has announced that users can update their controllers to use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to PC, Mac, phones and other devices. The update is available over the web via Chrome. Updating the controller would disable the wireless mode and replace it with Bluetooth Low Energy.

After the Bluetooth update, wired headphones would no longer work by connecting to the Stadia Controller. You will have to connect it to the device directly instead. While the update also disables Google Assistant and Capture, users can map them to different functions.

Google Stadia Controller Bluetooth Mode

Stadia Controller Bluetooth Update Deadline

According to Google, Stadia Controller owners will only have until December 31st to update their controllers and get the Bluetooth mode enabled. You can update your controller here.

While Stadia had much potential, the barrage of negative press and technical issues had hampered its growth since launch. At the very least, the controllers do not have to end up in a waste dump.

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