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8 Genshin Impact Quality Of Life Improvements We Desperately Need In 2023

Genshin Impact QOL Update

Genshin Impact’s latest Version 3.4 update brings a ton of new content and character banners. However, one notable aspect is missing from this patch: quality of life features.

While we welcome more content, and new characters to play with, the content is getting more bloated by the day, and we hope HoYoVerse will implement these changes to make our lives easier.

Artifact & Weapon Loadouts

Genshin Impact Weapon Loadouts
Credit: u/Glass-Window

With more characters comes further complications for team composition. I find it annoying to change artifacts one by one for different team roles.

Since the release of the new Dendro element, Electro characters like Raiden Shogun now have more roles to play, requiring different artifacts for different elemental reactions.

We hope we can get this feature for a more convenient equipment swap while tackling the Spiral Abyss and other domains.

Quick Elemental Change

We hope that we can easily change the element of the Traveler without having to visit a Statue Of The Seven to do so. Considering that Electro & Dendro Travelers are viable options for late game, and subsequent regions of Teyvat will unlock more elements, we hope that HoYoVerse can implement this change in upcoming Genshin Impact patches.

Shield Bar & Timer

Since we already have health bars for each character, why not a shield bar? Having a shield HP counter could help players decide when is the best time to pick up a Crystallized shard or use Zhongli’s elemental skill to regenerate shields.

Also, a shield timer is a great add-on as well to help players manage their shield uptime.

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8 Genshin Impact Quality Of Life Improvements We Desperately Need In 2023 9

Higher Resin Cap

Resin Cap

Currently, the Original Resin caps at 160. That is not enough as we can get up to 180 Resin every 24 hours. While being able to condense them to create Condensed Resin is great, limiting them to a maximum of 5 at a time does not offer much flexibility for busy players who may only be free to game on weekends.

Some players might want to save up as much Resin as possible for Sundays to farm domains. Having a higher Original Resin and Condensed Resin cap will make farming much more efficient.

Lock On Targeting

Lock On Targeting Genshin Impact

The auto-targeting system of Genshin Impact has been a sore point for Yoimiya mains across the world. The current auto-targeting system for bows and catalysts defaults to the nearest enemy, which is not ideal when you need to dodge to avoid enemy attacks.

We wish we have the option to lock on to specific baddies we want to target without messing up our quick swap combos.

Gadget Wheel

Given that players have received multiple gadgets from events and the main storyline. We hope that we can map them onto a wheel and equip them on the fly. See an animal? Scroll down for an Omni-Ubiquity Net. Discovered a Aranara puzzle? Equip the Vintage Lyre instantly!


The number one rule in Genshin Impact has always been picking up everything you see. Who knows when you need 150 Onikabutos to ascend a character? One thing we can think of is a gadget that immediately picks up dropped loot within a radius.

Or maybe a gadget we can dispatch to pick up dropped loot within an area, and collect the next day. Who knows? Maybe HoYoVerse can implement it in the Fontaine arc.

Higher Refresh Rate Support

Genshin Impact High Refresh Rate

While playing Genshin Impact at 60Hz is fine, many PC & high-end Android phone owners would love to see higher refresh rate of 120Hz or more. Having a higher refresh rate allows for more fluid graphics and less input lag. Considering that it could run at 120Hz on iPhones, we do not why this could not be implemented elsewhere.

That pretty much wraps up our most wanted quality of life updates to Genshin Impact. With millions of active players worldwide, having these features could make for a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

We hope that HoYoVerse can take account into player feedback and implement these features in future updates.

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8 Genshin Impact Quality Of Life Improvements We Desperately Need In 2023 9
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