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CES 2023: Dell Showcases Concept Nyx Controller That Does Everything

Dell Concept Nyx

Alienware and its parent company, Dell showcased the latest rendition of the Concept Nyx controller at CES 2023. This concept is one way for Dell to test out technologies to help coordinate with future experience roadmaps. At first glance, it might look like just another controller, but take a closer look and there are many unique features never before seen on a PC gaming controller.

Personalised settings and content could truly be at a user’s fingertips. A clever fingerprint reader could get the player into Guild Wars 2 in an instant, and stream to any other devices or screens by pointing the controller at them and pulling the trigger. There is even a voice command function as an alternative option.

Concept Nyx Front

For Concept Nyx, Dell is experimenting with haptics and self-adjusting variable resistance thumb sticks that can be tailored to gamers’ preferences or the specific game they are in.

Dell also paired the controller with fully customisable intelligent on-screen controls and overlays to show the button mapping. With this feature, there is no need to guess if the X-button is mapped to shields or grenades.

No More Tug Of War

Concept Nyx Split Screen

The built-in Wi-Fi connection directly to Concept Nyx means everyone in the household could easily multitask and view messaging apps, emails, movies or games on intuitive split-screens. What’s even better – connect one (or a couple of) wireless headsets and game on half of the screen while the other half is used to watch a movie.

Dell is experimenting with new shared experiences which could bring families and friends closer together, giving people the flexibility to game with and around others in the same room.

AI Solutions For Hybrid Life

Concept Nyx Split Screen With Work & Play

Dell is going to continue exploring ways AI could help seamlessly transition between tasks and spaces. One instance of which is a user could activate an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant to listen in for their name or pick up on when someone asks them a question so that they don’t miss anything important.

What Next For Concept Nyx?

Concept Nyx on table

Gaming leads the way for immersive experiences and these explorations have been the blueprint for the development of Concept Nyx’s intelligent edge ecosystem beyond gaming. As gamers themselves, Dell is stoked to push the boundaries of intuitive gaming experiences and hope to bring the learnings from this journey to future portfolios.

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