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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: 8 Best Tech Gifts For Your Lover

Tech Gift for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away, and if there is a significant other you want to spoil, we have curated our list of tech gift ideas for your loved one.

They do not have to be tech-savvy to enjoy the features and practically of the gifts in our list. Not only they are thoughtful, some are even for hobbies that both of you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

Game Consoles

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 8 Best Tech Gifts For Your Lover 11

If you both love the couch multiplayer gaming experience, a brand new game console is a must buy for Valentine’s Day. Major game consoles in the market such as the Sony PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch have a large library of multiplayer games. Pick out which games that both you would enjoy, and get the game console that has those games in the library.

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboard

We get it, keyboards are everywhere. If your lover is a discerning tech nerd, they might be inclined towards the hot-swappable variety. Nowadays, mechanical keyboards offer a plethora of ways for users to customise and personalise the way they like it. One such example is the Cooler Master CK720, a pre-built keyboard that you can customise down the line.

You could also bring them to a custom keyboard shop (yes, they exist) to let them try and choose which components they want. You can then both spend some quality time together to assemble the custom keyboard. Why not get one for yourself a keyboard with matching keycaps or cables to deck out a couple’s gaming room?

Gaming PC

Gaming PC

Do you want to spoil your nerdy partner with the best gaming experience you can afford? Why not build them a gaming PC this Valentine’s Day? Even better yet, pick out each and every part, and build with them together.

Even if your partner already has one, you can always gift them some gaming peripherals to help complete their setup!

Gaming Chairs

Sun Cycle Malaysia Valentine's Day Gaming Chairs

Of course, every gaming PC setup needs a comfortable gaming chair to go with it. With so many options out there, it is daunting to find the right chair for your loved one. Aside from budget, other considerations include: comfort, materials (leather, PU leather, fabric etc), and size.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 8 Best Tech Gifts For Your Lover 12

Sun Cycle currently has a limited time Valentine’s Day promotion for selected gaming chairs, starting from RM239, while stocks last!

TWS Earbuds

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 8 Best Tech Gifts For Your Lover 13

It’s 2023, so its time to ditch the tangly cables. We agree that not everyone has the budget for AirPods, but there are many other excellent earbuds out there at much lower prices. These earbuds have different features such as IPX water resistance rating, dual drivers, active noise cancellation and more.

Our top pick would be the Jabra Elite 7 Pro. It has top notch audio quality, 30 hours combined battery life, active noise cancelling, and feel very comfortable for wearing all day long.

On the more budget end, you can opt for the Redmi Buds 3, which has several mid-range features baked into a pair of reliable earbuds. Your loved one would adore the convenience wireless earbuds can bring this Valentine’s Day.

Smart Watch

Galaxy Watch5

If your loved one is a fitness buff, then a smart watch can be their best companion. Smart watches nowadays not only tell the time, but have a variety of health functions to promote a healthier lifestyle. Features such as pedometer, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitor and even blood pressure tracking are a necessity to support your significant other’s healthy lifestyle.

For Apple fans, you can never go wrong with any of Apple’s smartwatch offerings, but if we have to pick, it would be the Apple Watch Series 8. It comes in a variety of fun colours and straps, and most importantly, it has temperature sensing that helps women monitor their menstrual cycle. A more affordable, yet feature-packed option would be the Apple Watch SE.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 8 Best Tech Gifts For Your Lover 14

For Android users, we got you covered as well. On the top end you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro, and if you only want the essential features, you can’t go wrong with the Oppo Watch Free.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: 8 Best Tech Gifts For Your Lover 15

Instantly transform your living room into a home cinema setup with a projector, perfect for movie binging sessions with your partner. From pocket sized projectors that you can take anywhere such as the Lumos Nano, to 4K high refresh rate projectors such as the Acer Predator GD711, there is surely a projector that could fit within your budget. Pair that with a powerful soundbar, and you will have an unrivalled home cinema experience for Valentine’s Day or future stay at home dates.

Smart Home Appliances

Smart Home Appliance

Smart home setups are becoming more affordable, and you can take this opportunity to spruce up your lover’s home with smart appliances. Even if they already have a smart home, there is always an appliance that you can get to complement their home. These days, there’s a smart version of pretty much every home device you can think of. In general, these products connect to the internet, so you can control them from your phone via an app.

If your lover has a pet, why not get him a smart pet feeder? For the more health conscious, you can consider an AcerPure Cool C2 air purifier with circulation fan.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our Valentine’s Day gifting recommendations. While many would associate Valentine’s Day with gifting jewellery and flowers, we believe in gifting things that can be used all year long.

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