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Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2 Review: Awesome & Practical

Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2

Xiaomi has refreshed its electric kettle line with the Electric Kettle V2, and subsequently sent us a unit for review. At first we were like “What?”, considering buying a kettle is often times a no-brainer purchase. You just go to your nearest store, grab a kettle from the store shelf, and head home to boil some water.

Knowing that, we did some testing like any other home appliance product, and we stand corrected. So read on to find out what we think about the Electric Kettle V2, and whether you should get one for yourself.

Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2 Specifications

Capacity1.7 litres
Dimensions227 x 158 x 262mm

Design and Features

The Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2 has an all-white, clean and sleek design. The on/off switch is located right under the handle and lights up when it is turned on.

Double Wall Design

Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2

The kettle has a double wall design that helps keep the boiled water insulated and remain hot for longer, while allowing the external surface to stay cool to the touch.

It also uses food-grade 304 stainless steel on the inside all the way to the spout. It is of one piece construction, thereby eliminating the need for screws, soldering, or rivets to hold different parts together.

This gives me a piece of mind as screws and solders might not be held to the same safety standards as food-grade stainless steel. It also prevents any potential rust buildup. Not to mention it is BPA free too.

Smart Cord Management

Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2

Underneath the base unit is the power cable, that can be tucked away neatly during storage, so no more coiling the cable over the handle before storing it in the cupboard.

Soft Open Lid

Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2

The bottom of the lid has a domed design, which is also made of food-grade stainless steel. The design of the lower lid allows any condensation to pool at the edge to drip back down whenever the lid is opened.

The lid has a two-stage opening feature, where it soft opens partially at the press of the button to allow for condensation to gently drip back into the kettle without scalding the user. By pressing down the button again only can you open the lid fully.

Large Tank Capacity

The Electric Kettle V2 has a 1.7l capacity, enough to make 5 cups of instant noodles. Most kettles have capacities between 1.2l to 1.5l, so this added capacity is a boon for larger households.

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Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2 Review: Awesome & Practical 9

Safety Protection

You may have heard of fires caused by faulty electrical appliances, or cases of shock caused by contact with electrical lines. Luckily Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2 has a total of 4 safety protection mechanisms to keep you safe.

First of which is an automatic shut-off function where it will automatically turn off once the water has boiled. The automatic shut-off also works when dry-burning is detected. Moreover, the kettle has fuse protection against overcurrent. Lastly, the base is safe to the touch to prevent electrocution.

User Experience

Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2

I have been using the Electric Kettle V2 for about a week, and it works seamlessly with my kitchen workflow. Whether it is for cup noodles, preparing tea, and even infusing cooking ingredients. The high wattage of 1800W translates into faster boiling at large capacities, so that is a plus point for me.

As a coffee snob myself, I also have a habit of pre-warming my equipment: portafilters, filters, cups etc. This kettle works great for my needs, where I need pour large amounts of hot water into a bowl in order to heat up my coffee gear.


Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2

Xiaomi Electric Kettle V2 proves that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create something great. While the foundations of an electric kettle remain the same, it’s the neat features and quality of life improvements that makes the Electric Kettle V2 a worthy purchase.

Perhaps it is worthwhile to put more thought into buying a kettle next time, especially one that is this good. For more information, do visit Xiaomi’s official website to learn more.

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