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Timelie [Nintendo Switch] Review: Beautifully Done For Puzzle Game Lovers

Timelie [Nintendo Switch] Review: Beautifully Done For Puzzle Game Lovers 7

Timelie is an indie developed game by Urnique Studio that was launched late last year on the Nintendo Switch platform. To some who may have came across this game title before, it was released earlier on Steam in May 2020 and was awarded game of the year on BIDC 2020. We picked up the game when it launched on the Switch in curiosity on what made this game such a highly recommended puzzle game.



Timelie does not say much about where and what you are going into. You are this girl where you can pick up light pieces and able to scan through time to see what is going to happen on the map soon. By picking pieces, you can restore time on certain roads or bridges that are already destroyed.



Solving time puzzles are interesting, you can hold Zl and ZR to go back and forth in time to see what is going to happen, where your enemies will be going and pre-plan your steps and actions to complete the puzzles in the stage.

It took me quite a while to get use to the navigation. The only thing I find excessive is that you can navigate using both the buttons on the joy-con controller or by touching the Switch screen directly. As much as the Switch can handle these, it made me wonder if I was playing a mobile game on a slightly heavier and bigger screen. But these definitely made it easier to play compared to the pc version of navigation using the keyboard and mouse.


As much as I love puzzle games like The Room and other platform games, I find that this game lacks excitement in terms of storytelling and felt like I was in loop. Partly, this is because of playing back and forth in time each stage to solve it. Don’t get me wrong, the puzzles are beautifully design. Every move and second matters while solving the puzzle. As much as solving puzzle is my joy, I do hoped that I would be able to know more about the character and background story of the game setting.


You would have to be rather calculative and precise when solving puzzles in this one. You would have to estimate each enemy moves as much as the speed they are moving at to move around the map. There’s this mysterious kitten that shows up in the middle of the game which somehow helps you to distract the enemies at times to enable your escape which you will be playing as the kitten in some stages in the game to complete the stage.


Timelie does not clock in much play time (roughly 6 hours if you go slow) yet it took time for me to finish and does not have much re-playability in my opinion. However, it does make up for the price you are paying. I love the visual design and soundtrack very much as you engross yourself into the game to reach the end. I would categorized it as a point and click stealthy puzzle solving game. For hardcore puzzle gamers, this game may come across as being quite easy to get through. As for casual gamers, the levels aren’t too hard to pass and it’s quite right if you are new to the genre. As an indie game, it offers much more than you expect and would definitely make you watch out if the developers (urniquestudio) would develop more puzzle games in the future.

Timelie is now available on both PC Steam Store and Nintendo e-Shop. To those who are not so sure if this game suits you, do download the demo version and try it out.

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