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Review: Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Review: Death Stranding Director's Cut 9

Death Stranding Director’s Cut gave the title a refresh on better graphics and a few features to help out new players. It is the kind of game where you either love it or hate it. I would rather say it requires quite a bit of patience to continue playing the game.

Death Stranding Story

death stranding

The whole plot shouts Hideo Kojima all the way, its either you get it or you don’t. Which is why it stood out from other video games.

As the backstory of the world reveals itself with each mission you complete, you have to be really attentive to details to understand what is going on. The plot is absolutely insane, a post-apocalypses America where the world was destroyed by an unknown cause to an event called Death Stranding. Leaving the world to be in constant limbo for the living and the dead who could not cross over what they call “The Beach”.

Not only you start to understand the world more over time, more about the main protagonist link to what happened in the world.

Death Stranding Gameplay

The game started of with a mysterious tone and brief talk about what Death Stranding is about. Throwing a ton of unfamiliar words that you would not understand until you progress further into the game.

Review: Death Stranding Director's Cut 10

The core mission of the game would be you running as a porter to deliver items all over the place to fulfill request. Set in a post-apocalypse world, the main character you play as, Sam Porter Bridges is a has a rare condition that allows him to revive after he die. Apart from delivering packages, Sam is appointed to reconnect America once again by connecting the chiral networks.

Review: Death Stranding Director's Cut 11

You must be thinking how hard would it be to deliver parcel from point A to point B? Well, the unforgiving terrain you have to fumble through is quite the challenge. In most games out there, it does not really matter how you control the character to move through places. With the Decima engine, you can really feel what different elevation and terrain affect your character in Death Stranding. Each bump, steep path and running water is as real as it gets causing the character to fall over if you did not balance well. Even the packages you are carrying and how you carry them makes a difference on how to balance yourself when navigating around.

Review: Death Stranding Director's Cut 12

Aside from mastering the art of not falling over rough terrain, Mules and BT are dangerous encounters you have to stealth or fight your way through to get to your destination. Different measures are taken when encountering these different entities so you have to be prepared all the time to ensure you deliver your packages safely.

Community Support

Review: Death Stranding Director's Cut 13

As much as Death Stranding is a single player game, we are surprised by how the game adds on community support to help each other in-game. Starting off as a very lonely game, where you feel like you can’t seek for help from others. You are able to leave signs and structures on the open world map which can be seen by other players and vice versa. Difference signs give different boost to the player and structures are shared to save resources.

Review: Death Stranding Director's Cut 14

You can even entrust some side missions to other players like passing a baton to finish the run. Resources can even be shared by placing or taking things from the shared locker.

Our Opinion on Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Overall, the game gives off an amazing world, amazing graphic and haptic feedback. On top of it, the plot of the story is amazing. Uncovering each puzzle piece of the story while trying to balance yourself (literally) to reach the end.

Director’s cut did add in a few gadgets and whatnot to ease the playability of the game. As much as it seems impossible at the start of the game, you are able to unlock items to help you through your journey.

Above all, we would definitely recommend Death Stranding Director’s Cut to those whom are looking or a strong story based video game to spend time and enjoy. If you enjoy tough challenges and have the time to spare, do try this game out.

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Review: Death Stranding Director's Cut 15

However, do note that you will need to spend a lot of time on the game and it is not some game that you can rush through. If you are looking for a casual game to destress, do skip this one.

Check out the game on Playstation Store here, or buy a physical copy here.

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