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PRISM+ Nomad 16 VS Nomad Ultra 4K 16: A Digital Nomad’s Best Companion?

Nomad 16

PRISM+, a brand synonymous with value-oriented monitors has released the Nomad series of portable monitors, of which we have received the Nomad 16 and Nomad Ultra 4K 16 for review. These portable monitors are designed for those on the go, often acting as a second screen for laptops or on smaller desks where space is prime real estate.

So let’s see how it works, what are the caveats and limitations, and whether you should get one to boost your productivity while on the go.


ModelNomad 16Nomad Ultra 4K 16
Panel TechnologyIPSOLED
Screen Size15.6″15.6″
Resolution1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz
Colour Gamut105% sRGB145% sRGB
InputUSB Type-C X 2
USB Type-C X 2
Size & Weight236 x 362mm
0.80 kg
233 x 358 mm
0.95 kg

What’s In The Box?

  • PRISM+ Nomad 16 / Nomad Ultra 4K 16
  • Protective sleeve
  • Power adapter
  • USB power cable (1.8m)
  • USB data cable (1m)
  • Mini HDMI cable


Nomad 16 and Nomad Ultra 4K 16

Both Nomads look identical from the outside. They feature matte finishing and look sleek. The 4K 16 model is slightly heavier than the base model (950g vs 800g), but the weight difference is barely noticeable, especially when the protective sleeve is attached. Measuring at only 8mm thick, both are relatively compact and should fit in most laptop bags without adding noticeable bulk nor weight.

At the bottom of each screen lies a thick bezel with a PRISM+ logo, which is understandable since it pretty much houses all the components. A pair of speakers can be found on both the left and right side.

The included monitor sleeve also doubles as a kick stand, so you prop it on any desk at a comfortable tilt angle.


Nomad 16 USB Connection

Both Nomads are equipped with two USB-C ports, and with good reason. The Nomad 16 requires a 30W power adapter, while the 4K model requires a more powerful 45W adapter.

One feature the Ultra 4K 16 has over the base model is touch screen connectivity, which is only usable with USB-C video in connection. On Mini-HDMI connection however, the touch screen is limited to only the OSD menu.

When it comes to the Nomad 16, 1080p resolution is more than sufficient for general productivity tasks; unless you view it at a close distance then you will notice some pixelation. For me, this resolution is more than good enough and I am not bothered by the 60Hz refresh rate either. Remember that this is meant for on the go productivity, not gaming.

Nomad 16 zoomed in

Colour accuracy is satisfactory, and viewing angles are brilliant. It is good enough for general use, such as office applications or media consumption. However, if you are into professional creative work, the Nomad Ultra 4K 16 will better suit your needs.

Speaking of which, the Nomad Ultra 4K 16 is a different beast. As the name suggests it is equipped with a vivid Samsung OLED display at 4K resolution. Details are sharp even when viewing it up close. Colours are great too at 145% sRGB colour gamut.

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PRISM+ Nomad 16 VS Nomad Ultra 4K 16: A Digital Nomad's Best Companion? 9

User Experience

Nomad 16 beside laptop

Being able to carry along a second screen to wherever I go is a godsend, and how I wish this technology was available when I was still living the digital nomad life circa 2015. Both Nomad 16 monitors are lightweight, thin, and instantly boosts my productivity while I was out of office especially when using 14-inch or smaller laptops.

The speakers however, are not very loud nor do they sound clear. Audio quality is meh, and the mid-bass section sounds muddy. Seeing that most users would likely listen to earphones while out and about anyways, this serves more of a backup option.

Nomad Ultra Touch Screen

The Nomad 16 has a flaw however. Accessing the OSD menu feels a tad clunky, as his model lacks dedicated control buttons. All the settings can only be accessed via on/off and volume rocker buttons. The Ultra 4K 16 fares much better in this regard thanks to touch controls.

Our Verdict

Nomad Ultra 4K 16

With working from home becoming a trend, I can see why many WFHers would want to grab a portable monitor like the PRISM+ Nomad series. They tick all the necessary boxes and offers a multitude of dual monitor solutions for different budgets.

Retailing at RM999, the Nomad 16 is a great option for those looking for a portable secondary monitor on the go. The Nomad 4K 15 however, is only recommended for creative professionals simply due to the price of RM2,999.

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