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OPPO Enco Air2 Review: Great Earbuds That Doesn’t Hurt Your Wallet

OPPO Enco Air2 Review: Great Earbuds That Doesn't Hurt Your Wallet 19

OPPO Enco Air2 has been released recently into the Malaysian market and is currently taking in pre-orders until the 4th of March. The Enco earbuds has been known for being reasonably priced with great audio experience. Let’s take a look at how these new pairs perform.

OPPO Enco Air2 Specifications

SpecificationsEnco Air2
AudioDriver: 12 mm dynamic driver
Driver sensitivity: 112±1 dB at 1 kHz
Frequency response range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Microphone sensitivity: -38 dBV/Pa
BluetoothBluetooth version: 5.2
Bluetooth range: 10 m
BatteryBattery type: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity: 25 mAh (earbuds) / 440 mAh (charging case)
ChargingMusic play time (50% volume): 4 h (single charge) / 24 h (with charging case)
Charging time: 1.5 h (earbuds) / 1.5 h (earbuds + charging case)
Charging port: Type-C
SizeWeight (entire device): 40.4 g
Size (Charging Case): 60.0 mm*53.2 mm*23.5 mm
Size (Earbud): 35.8 mm*18.9 mm*17.7 mm
Size (Package): 120 mm*120 mm*38 mm
OthersDust and water resistance (headphones): IPX4

What’s In The Box

Oppo Enco Air2
  • Enco Air2
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Manuals


Oppo Enco Air2

The Oppo Enco Air2 came in a pebble shaped casing which is oddly satisfying to hold. With the matte yet smooth texture it fits just right into your palm or pockets. It has a translucent jelly case lid which makes it easy for you to see if you have both your earbuds in the case or misplaced it somewhere.

Just below the opening of the case, we have light indicator to show battery status as well as Bluetooth connection status. Sitting right below the case would be the USB C port for charging.

Oppo Enco Air2

Opening the top, you would be able to pick up the earbuds itself. Pulling the earbuds out, you would feel the magnetic pull between the case and the earbuds to prevent it from falling out. Despite being magnetic, it is quite easy to pick up the earbuds from the case.

The earbuds itself has a glossy finish with the L and R indicator printed in the inside and has a semi in ear design. The magnetic charging points could be seen on both the tips of the earbuds. And on the top end, there’s a slight dent with matte finish for you to know where the touch points are to control the earbuds when wearing them.


The earbuds fit right into my ears comfortably and doesn’t move once you fit in. However, it does not have any rubber tip to it so there’s not noise cancellation at all. The stem of the earbuds does poke at your face most of the times but once you are used to it you barely feel it at all.

User Experience

Pairing it to the phone or even a laptop is simple as opening the case and clicking connect on your bluetooth menu. Once it is paired, it auto pairs every time it is detected by the paired device. You won’t need any software to pair the earbuds at all.

The touch controls are rather not sensitive, I had to hold the touch for quite a bit before it responds. This might be to avoid accidental touch, however it feels like a delay instead. With every touch, the earbuds responds with a beep so that you know that it has detected your touch and is responding and acting on it.

Audio Quality

Thanks to the 12mm titanium-composite dynamic driver and power bass booster packed in the earbuds, the audio quality is amazing to every vocal and bass. These earbuds are also equipped with DNN ( Deep Neutral Network) based binaural audio algorithm to pick up your voice during calls no matter where you are.

Some earbuds will have a delay experience especially when paired with laptops or desktops. However, the Enco Air2 Low Latency Dual Transmission technology was so good that I barely notice any audio latency when using them.

Apart from that, both side of the earbuds can be use independently while the other side is being charged. With that, you can have a prolonged music playback without having to put both earbuds to charge when the battery is down.

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OPPO Enco Air2 Review: Great Earbuds That Doesn't Hurt Your Wallet 25

Touch Navigation

Oppo Enco Air2

The controls on the earbuds are quite limited. On the left you can tap and hold to reduce volume while on the right you can increase the volume. Downloading the HeyMelody app allows you to customize control but you could only add Game Mode (low latency high performance mode) and voice assistance to the shortcut. Which takes us to the case where if you are wearing only one side of the earbuds, it pretty hard to rely on the touch sensors to control the music volume or playbacks. It is more convenient to take out your phone or control from the connected device.

Battery Life

The Enco Air2 has a long lasting battery life that last up to 4 hours of music playback at full volume. The battery in the case is enough to charge the pair of earbuds up to full battery for around 5 times which gives you 20 hours of use without connecting it to a charger.

While both earbuds and case ran out of battery, a 10 minutes quick charge will give you up to 8 hours of use and can come in convenient for people like me where I always forget to charge my gadgets. I could just put it to charge while getting ready to go out and would have enough for me to go about the day.


The Enco Air2 is a great pair of TWS earbuds to have for the price of RM 249 and you can pre-order them now on Shopee or Lazada. The audio is great, it is comfortable and the size is just right to bring around. That being said, I would prefer if it had rubber ear tips even it does not have ANC feature for audio playback. It would reduce environment noise better to have better audio experience.

In terms of needs, it has all the basic needs you would want on a pair of TWS earbuds.

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