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Nokia G21 Review: Your Reliable Companion

Nokia G21 Review: Your Reliable Companion 9

Nokia recently announced the Nokia G21 in Malaysia. As an entry-level smartphone, Nokia tries to offer more than it’s competitors. To those that remembers Nokia at the 3310 days, Nokia phones are built to last with strong durability and longevity life span for its consumer without having to change their phone often.


Nokia G21

Picking up the Nokia G21 feels surprisingly light and thin for its size. The overall design feels ergonomic to hold.

Nokia G21 Accesories

Famous for durability, the Nokia G21 phone has its case made from tough polycarbonate with a slight texture to lessen fingerprints on the back case.

Nokia G21 Screen

On the first time ever, the Nokia 21 is the first of its series to get a 90Hz refresh rate display on it’s 6.5″ screen. Despite being an entry level phone, the 90Hz display ensures that you have a smoother scrolling experience and navigating through apps more fluidly.


Nokia G21 Andriod

The Nokia G21 comes with Android 11 OS and promises up to two years of OS upgrades and three years of monthly security updates keeping your device secure and optimized during its life cycle. This is almost double the amount of security updates than most smartphones that are priced at this price range. As more cyberattacks are happening around us, the Nokia G21 will work seamlessly in the background to protect your data whether you are on social media, emails or paying through e-wallets.

Nokia G21 Fingerprint Scanner
Nokia G21

Talking about security, the Nokia G21 comes with passcode security, fingerprint unlock (on the power button) and face unlock that comes with mask mode to ensure you are able to unlock you phone even though you have your mask on. Above that, the Nokia G21 comes pre-loaded with Express VPN for enhanced privacy and web safety. However, it is only a 30-day free trial and you would be required to subscribe to the service further to use it.

Nokia G21

Nokia boast itself with its 3 day battery life. With an average phone usage of 5 hours to scroll social media and replying messages, you can go on your day without charging for around 3 days. If you run it on Super Battery Saver mode for just basic calls and messages, you can go about 5 days without having to charge your phone.

This makes the Nokia G21 a really good secondary phone. Many Malaysians now go about their day separating life and personal life, especially those whom have small businesses. Mostly, the secondary phone is used to reply order inquiries or receive phone calls on order. This makes the Nokia G21 your best choice, even if you occasionally forget to charge this phone, the large battery capacity is able to sustain you till the end of the day before you need to charge again.

Nokia G21

Camera wise, the Nokia G21 comes with 50MP triple-lens camera for your photography needs. Of course, it does not fare well compared to flagship phones out there but it able to capture details even in low light conditions for you to share among friends and family. Here are a few photos samples taken using the Nokia G21.


Nokia strives as of this day to provide users with a sustainable smartphone by keeping software update over a longer period of life cycle compared to its competitors. I would recommend the Nokia G21 to those whom are looking for a security first phone that ensures your online presence and payments safe in your pockets.

It may not have all the hoo-ha features flagship phones have, yet it does fit those whom only uses phone for basic daily needs. Yes, the Nokia G21 is still able to support your entertainment needs when needed, however if you are looking at heavy games on the phone it might not be able to fully support them.

This smartphone fits the need of those whom are just need to keep their devices simple and secure. Not only that, Nokia aims to keep these phones supported and maintained over long life cycle so you do not need to worry about changing phone due to not being able to update it to the latest software.

At the price point of RM 799, its pretty much what you would ask for in a smartphone with really good security support.

It is on sale on Shopee till the 9th of September for RM759 and you can purchase it here.

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Nokia G21 Review: Your Reliable Companion 15
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