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Flex The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 & Flaunt Your Personality

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 On Display

It has been almost 3 years since Samsung made a splash with their foldable phones, and now the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 are in stores. Gone are the days where foldable phones are for the rich and early adopters, as the Galaxy Z Flip4 now starts at RM 4,099, which is far less than the first Galaxy Z Flip which launched at RM 5,888 back in 2020.

The most prominent feature that stands out of course is the flipping screen itself, and Samsung has implemented quite a few neat features and experiences around it.

Quick Shot: Selfies and Vlogs with Main Camera

Flex The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 & Flaunt Your Personality 9

You can harness the power of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 by using the main camera for selfies and vlogs without flipping the phone open. The cover screen acts as a viewfinder for you to easily compose your selfies and videos, no matter landscape or portrait.

To use the camera, all you have to do is just press the power button twice, and tap on the screen to take a photo. You can also use gesture controls to adjust photo ratios or switch between portrait, landscape and video modes.

Flex Cam: Shoot At Every Angle

Galaxy Z Flip4 Flex Cam

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is more flexible than ever for social media lovers out there. The hinge of the folding screen can be nifty for a variety of situations, such as photoshoots vlogging, and even making video calls.

Multi-Angle Photo & Videography

Unlock your internal camera guru by combining the flexibility of the screen with both the front and back cameras to create interesting and dynamic compositions.

Want to get that low angle shot without lying belly down on the ground? Or trying to nail that group selfie without twisting your wrists? Or even trying out interesting video compositions for TikTok? There are many possibilities just by tilting the screen and the camera to your desired angle, and snap away.

Video Calls Made Easier

Say goodbye to fiddling with the controls while trying to avoid shaky cams during video calls. Just set it on your coffee table, adjust the angle of your camera, and have all your controls at the lower panel, while you engage with your colleagues, friends and families on the top panel.

Flex Mode: Hands-Free Viewing

Tired of having your thumbs blocking the screen? You can now enjoy truly a hands-free viewing experience with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s Flex Mode. Freely view your videos or social media on the top panel, while you use the bottom panel as an on-screen mouse or access to other controls to navigate supported apps.

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Flex The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 & Flaunt Your Personality 10

Split-Screen Mode: Power Users Unite

Take your productivity to the next level by taking advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s split screen functionality. Watch YouTube videos at the top half, while you gain unimpeded access to the comments at the bottom half. You can even swipe up with two fingers to open another app in split-screen mode.

The Cover Screen: More Than Just A Clock

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Cover Screen Clock Face

To start, the top cover of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 features a 1.9 inch AMOLED display that acts as a notification display for time, messages and battery status. When the phone is folded, you can interact with the cover screen for a variety of daily functions using a variety of swipes, such as:

  • Swipe Right: Read & quick reply to messages
  • Swipe Left: Direct dial (set up to 3 contacts) & access supported apps
  • Swipe Up: Quick access to Samsung Wallet
  • Swipe Down: Access & manage device settings

Customizations Galore: Make It All About You

Express your personality by customizing the clock face on the Galaxy Z Flip4’s cover screen. Choose from a variety of clock styles, compositions, text colour and backgrounds to make it your own. You also get the option to use multiple photos to act as a slideshow, videos, GIFs, and even your own AR Emoji.

Want even more customization? Samsung offers the Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition that allows you to customize how the phone frame and shells look!


Instead of mere gimmicks, Samsung has made a statement by building these practical features to justify the foldable phone form-factor.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and its suite of unique features? Have you tried using one of these features yourselves? Do check out our full review of the phone here.

For more information, head over to Samsung’s Official Website to find out more.

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