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DJI Launches Osmo Mobile 6 With Improved Stabilizaton, Priced at RM 759

DJI Launches Osmo Mobile 6 With Improved Stabilizaton, Priced at RM 759 7

DJI has just launched the Osmo Mobile 6, a palm-sized portable smartphone stabilising device, as the newest addition to the popular Osmo Mobile series. This time around, its been enhanced through functions of the device, software features and editing software so that users have full creative control of the phone cameras. 

The latest addition to the popular Osmo Mobile series, the Osmo Mobile 6 smartphone stabilizer has been enhanced through functions on the device, software features and editing software to give users complete creative control of the phone cameras they carry with them every day. Alongside improved ergonomics and compatibility with larger phones, Osmo Mobile 6 features DJI’s 3-axis stabilization, a brand-new Quick Launch and ActiveTrack 5.0.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6: Small and Travel Friendly 

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Osmo Mobile 6 further grows on the success of OM 5 by having a new ergonomically designed handle and a larger clamp so that users won’t even have to remove their phone cases to use it. It weighs just over 300g and can easily fit into your pockets! With a built-in extension rod, Osmo Mobile 6 is perfect for achieving better-framed selfies or trying out shots from more interesting angles such as those low to the ground.

iPhone Compatibility

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Osmo Mobile 6 features a new Quick Launch feature for iPhone users. Once unfolded, attaching an iPhone to the stabilizer automatically triggers the Mimo app alert to enter the camera view instantly. Preparation time is dramatically reduced, with the device up and running three times quicker than previous models.

Upgraded Lock On Feature

Featuring an enhanced version of DJI’s ActiveTrack, Osmo Mobile 6’s ActiveTrack 5.0 offers more stable tracking at longer distances and also allows the front camera to track subjects that turn to the side or spin. During camping, traveling or street shooting, your footage is made more story-like with the gimbal automatically keeping the subject the center of attention.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4

With a new built-in status panel and Mode button, checking the battery level and switching between the four gimbal modes is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. A quick tap on the M button and you can cycle between:

  • Follow: In Follow mode, the camera view follows the gimbal’s pan and tilt movements and stays level during rolls. This mode is suitable for shooting up, down, and diagonally.
  • Tilt Lock: The camera view only follows the gimbal’s pan movement and stays stable during tilts and rolls — ideal for shooting horizontally or moving around a subject.
  • FPV: In FPV mode, all three axes of the gimbal follow the movement of the handle. This is wonderful for dynamic filming of still subjects like landmarks, buildings, or statues.

SpinShot: Push the joystick to the left or right to control the rotation of the camera view and create dynamic footage. It’s perfect for shooting push, pull, and high-angle shot

New Side Wheel

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Effortlessly and fluidly control zoom and focus with Osmo Mobile 6’s new Side Wheel. Roll the wheel to adjust the focal length for flexible composition and zoom in and out with buttery smoothness. Achieve a cinematic look easily with a press of the side wheel to switch to manual focus control.

Multiple Features For Better Content

Osmo 6 comes with a number of intelligent features aimed to help you better express your vision through your content. One of those features is the Timelapse, where you can warp time and space with the use of three templates to blend beautiful moments out of simple clips. The DynamicZoom uses a Move In and Move Out mode to stretch or compress visual effects, perfect for creating invigorating clips. 

Pricing and Availability 

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 comes with a magnetic clamp, tripod, power cable and storage pouch, all for RM 759. However, Osmo Mobile SE retail price only cost RM459.  It’ll be available for purchase starting today from the DJI official online stores on Shopee and Lazada and several DJI Flagship Stores and DJI Official Authorized Retail Store.  

Purchase Links

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Shopee: Buy Now
Lazada: Buy Now

DJI Osmo Mobile SE

Shopee: Buy Now
Lazada: Buy Now

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DJI Launches Osmo Mobile 6 With Improved Stabilizaton, Priced at RM 759 8
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