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Creative MUVO GO Review: Powerful Sound On The Go

Creative MUVO GO

Creative has released a follow-up to the popular MUVO series of portable speakers with the MUVO GO. The MUVO GO is a portable speaker built for the great outdoors, featuring great waterproof, long lasting battery life, and the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard.

The kind folks at Creative have sent us a sample for review, and here are my thoughts after using it for about a week.

Creative MUVO GO Specifications

Speaker ConfigurationOne-Piece
Water Proofing
(IP Rating)
Dimensions204 x 73 x 61 mm
Battery2600 mAh
Up to 18 hours battery life
Power OutputTotal System Peak Power: Up to 40W
Satellites: 10W RMS x 2


Creative MUVO GO lying down

The MUVO GO takes the shape of a squished cylinder, measuring at only 204mm x 73mm x 61mm. It is available in black, blue and green. Our review sample came in green with yellow highlights, of which I am personally fond of. The length of the device is covered in two perforated grates, while each end houses a bass reflex port.

Creative MUVO GO buttons

The yellow accents act as play and volume control buttons, with additional buttons and a USB-C charging port populating one corner of the MUVO GO. Surprisingly, there is no waterproof plug or cover for the charging port, it is already waterproof by default. A matching lanyard is included for you to fasten it on things as well.

User Experience

Creative MUVO GO Bluetooth

Unlike other portable speakers, the Creative MUVO GO only supports Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. AUX ports or SD card slots are absent here, but it is understandable as most smartphones have Bluetooth and music streaming services already overtook physical files in terms of popularity.

It can also be connected to another MUVO GO to transform it into a TWS setup. We were not able to test that since we only had one unit. Creative claims a battery life of up to 18 hours, and we experienced similar results playing at moderate volumes.

Creative MUVO GO waterproof

Thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating, it is ideal for small poolside gatherings and you don’t need to worry about submerging it in water (within reason of course).

Charging speed is not excellent. As it does not support fast-charging, the speed is dependent on how much power your charging adapter is. Charging the MUVO GO with a PC USB port took me around 5 hours just to get it to 100%.

How Does It Sound

Creative MUVO GO bass reflex port

Ideally, you would want to lay the speaker flat and pointed towards you as the sound is directional. I was surprised at the sound quality of this tiny speaker: it has decent mid-bass, warm midrange, and clear treble. The bass however lacked oomph as bass reflex ports are no substitute for dedicated subwoofers. But for a portable speaker the sound quality is more than decent.

The volume is great too, with a maximum peak output of 40W. It can be uncomfortably loud if you are within 1 meter of the MUVO GO’s vicinity. Running it at maximum volume will drain the battery faster than expected as well. Despite that I could use it for the whole day without it shutting down on me.

Our Verdict

Creative MUVO GO in the shower

The Creative MUVO GO is a great portable speaker with good volume and audio clarity. Combine that with good waterproofing, great battery life and the latest Bluetooth standard, it is a great option for using at the great outdoors.

To learn more about the MUVO GO, head on to Creative’s official website here.

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