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Best 5 Cloud Sharing Services in 2022

Best 5 Cloud Sharing Services in 2022 7

File sharing and storing has come a long way from what it used to be. A couple years back, the only way to save a file and pass it on to someone was by using either a hard drive, disk or thumb drive. In 2022, however, the process has become so much more simpler and time efficient. All you’d have to do is upload the file into a cloud storage system, see over a link and voila, you’re done! As long as you have the link and an internet connection, you can view the files from anywhere and on any device. 

Popular Cloud Sharing Services


One such popular service has been Dropbox. You can use Dropbox links to share files and folders with other people without sending large attachments. Dropbox offers a free plan that includes 2GB of storage, after which you will need to pay for more storage. This factor, along with some others, have led to a lot of people seeking out different cloud sharing services. We have listed below the 5 sites/apps that we think are worth checking out! 

Cloud Sharing Service is a great option if your main concern is security. It uses a zero-knowledge encryption system, which guarantees your privacy by encrypting and decrypting your data client side. also starts you off with 5GB of free storage, and can go up to 6TB, unlike Dropbox that can only go up to 2TB. Get more details about the pricing here.


  • Great security and privacy policy in place. 
  • Competitive pricing


  • Slow sync compared to other cloud sharing services

Google Drive 

Best 5 Cloud Sharing Services in 2022 8
Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud sharing service that you have created right away when you sign up for a Google Email, or GMail, It’s super easy to use and works well for photos and collaborative documents, allowing you to edit directly on Google owned add-one such as Google Docs. Google Drive is a close second in terms of popularity, right after Dropbox. It definitely helps that Google Drive starts you off with 15GB, and you can purchase more if necessary. Get more details about the pricing here.


  • Easy to use
  • Integrated with extensive features like Calender and Google Keep
  • Easy to share with a team, making it ideal for group projects


  • Poor privacy policy


Best 5 Cloud Sharing Services in 2022 9

Box is a great alternative for businesses as it provides great user role management options. You can use it as a personal cloud sharing service, it would not be worth it as what makes BOX really stand out is the advanced business features. They also have a pretty good note-taking app and a built-in task manager, perfect if you’re a freelancer with many projects and deadlines to meet. Check out the pricing for Box here


  • Built in support for Microsoft Office & Google drive
  • Great security
  • Tons of amazing options for business users


  • Zero-knowledge encryption costs extra, making it slightly more on the pricier side


Best 5 Cloud Sharing Services in 2022 10

Microsoft OneDrive uses the standard syncing model created by Dropbox, which means you can’t sync specific folders. OneDrive has block-level syncing, meaning it can get the transfers done pretty fast. The file sharing features come with expiry dates and password protection, so only people you provide these details with will be able to view them within a timeframe you set. Check out the pricing here.


  • Works well with Office 365
  • Block-Level sync
  • Used by many universities for online classes


  • No zero knowledge encryption


Best 5 Cloud Sharing Services in 2022 11

MEGA is a service that focuses heavily on security and privacy, providing end-to-end encryption. Unlike Dropbox, you can sync any folder via MEGA but it definitely takes slightly longer and isn’t as elegant as Dropbox. The free plan provides users with 20GB storage, far more generous than many others on this list. Check out the pricing for MEGA here.


  • 20GB free storage
  • Freedom to sync any folder
  • Tight security and privacy


  • User interface can be improved
  • No collaborations like OneDrive or Google Drive

That’s our list for the best cloud sharing services in 2022! Let us know which one’s your favourite or if we missed out any others.

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Best 5 Cloud Sharing Services in 2022 12
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