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ASUS ROG Phone 6 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone That’s Every Mobile Gamer’s Dream

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone That's Every Mobile Gamer's Dream 9

The ASUS ROG Phone 6 is finally here ! It is no doubt that the ROG Phone has been a hit every since it came into the market. With feedback from the market from previous generations, the ROG Phone 6 performance is unrivaled and has gaming features for those whom demand best mobile gaming experiences.


AXO ROG Phone 6

The overall outlook of the ROG Phone 6 looks similar its predecessors. Well it’s similar but it definitely has its differences if you look closely. Instead of the AniMe Matrix, the ROG Phone 6 only has a ROG Vision back PMOLED display on the Pro version. For the standard version, we have an illuminated ROG logo on the back of the phone which you can change between two colors. Some may feel like this is a downgrade in terms of design but I kind of love how they separated it into two different versions to bring down the cost or price to own the phone for its gaming performances for those whom doesn’t mind the appearances. Don’t get me wrong, the standard version of the ROG Phone 6 is definitely still appealing to gamers with its distinctive ROG logo at the back.

AXO ROG Phone 6

Apart from the ROG logo, their slogan “Dare To Play” is also illuminated at the left side of the back case. Then on top of the the case, we will see a Tri camera setup with flash light on a very edgy designed camera piece.

The ROG Phone 6 like it’s previous generations is designed to be used vertically. Therefore we still have the charging port on the left of the phone and the air triggers on the right of the phone. When held vertically, you can easily charge your phone and play games without having the cable getting in your way while playing games.

AXO ROG Phone 6

The phone comes with a 6.78″ HDR10+ AMOLED display. You are able to clock it to the maximum refresh rate which is at 165Hz which is the fastest and sharpest available on the market. It supports p to 720Hz touch sampling rate making your gaming experience the best without delays and lag. But of course when you are not gaming you are able to choose to run the phone at lower refresh rate or set it on Auto mode to prolong battery life

The ROG Phone 6 still retains the audio jack port which most smartphones omit now for you to plug in your gaming headphones during game sessions.


Well putting the outlook aside, the ROG phone 6 is running on the 3.2 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform with Qualcomm® Adreno™ 730 supported by 16GB LPDDR5 and 512GB memory for storage. The all new CPU delivers 10% more CPU and GPU performance when compared to its predecessor ( ROG Phone 5.

AXO ROG Phone 6 Genshin Impact

While gaming, the latest cooling system from ROG – GameCool 6 has been revamped for more efficient heat dissipation. When held vertically, the dual battery is placed on the left and right of the device while the center of it consist of the CPU which is the most heat generating component. With this placement, your fingers will be kept away from the heat during gaming sessions. Apart from it, ASUS claims that the new layout works best with the new AeroActive Cooler 6 which we did not have it on hand when we are testing the phone so we just have to wait and see. But with prior experiences with it from the previous devices, the AeroActive cooler does help a lot to cool down not only the phone but your hands as well.


As mentioned previously, the ROG phone 6 prides itself with the market leading refresh rate on its display. The 165hz refresh rate ensures games and visuals are fluid and blur-free. However it does pressure the performance load and the battery consumption. To compensate this, users are free to adjust it to lower refresh rate or turn on Auto mode to balance between smoothness and battery life. Of course, this also depends whether your game supports high refresh rate or does it cap at a certain refresh rate. For example, the maximum refresh rate of Genshin Impact on mobile is capped at 60Hz for Android phones so you can’t really push it to a higher refresh rate even if you want to. But as mobile games becoming a major part of gaming devices, pretty sure more games will be graphically demanding in the near future.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone That's Every Mobile Gamer's Dream 10

For long hours of gaming, battery life is so important. Who wants to have their phone shut down in the middle of their gaming session right? The ROG Phone 6 has 6000mAh MMT dual cell battery and 65W HyperCharge makes charging faster without overheating the phone. Under an hour, you are able to charge the phone from 0 too full charge! With feedback from previous generations, ASUS now enable a software setting to custom charging limit to extend battery lifespan.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone That's Every Mobile Gamer's Dream 11

Like the ROG Phones before this, you can change performance mode via the Armory Crate Console from X Mode which is optimized for gaming to Ultra durable to save power depending on the usage demand of the user.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone That's Every Mobile Gamer's Dream 12

The ROG Phone also comes with wallpaper and themes that are in collaboration with popular games out there. The animated wallpaper does make allow you to change the theme of the phone to match your favorite game.

The AirTrigger is definitely one of the features that makes the ROG Phone stand out from it’s competitors. It is now back with more motion controls to enhance your mobile gaming experience to be more like a console as shown below.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Review: The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone That's Every Mobile Gamer's Dream 13


The camera of the phone might not be something that is important to those whom are looking for a phone to game. However, ROG did not overlook the need of their users to have a phone with good camera. In fact, the camera experience on the ROG Phone 6 is better than I thought.

ROG Phone 6 AXO

The ROG Phone 6 comes with a 50MP main camera, 13MP Ultra Wide Angle camera and a 5MP Macro camera. The camera performs quite well for either indoor or outdoor shots with great lighting. When it comes to shooting photos in darker environment, it does takes a while for the camera to process. However, the photos do still come out pretty well and is definitely enough for social media needs.

Here are some photos taken on the ROG Phone 6:


The ROG Phone 6 is priced from RM 3,599 and is available from 6th July 2022. It will be available on their official Shopee store.

ROG Phone 6 Malaysia Price

All the models and accessories prices are as below:

ROG Phone 6 Price List
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