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AcerPure Cool C2 Review: Best Of Both Worlds

AcerPure Cool C2

The AcerPure Cool C2 is the newest addition to the lineup of AcerPure’s air purifiers. This time, you get an air purifier AND a circulation fan, all in one. With the COVID virus still being a thing and all the pollution happening, an air purifier is somewhat of a necessity to ensure the safety of our loved ones.

Knowing that AcerPure has come up with one that can not just purify but also ensure that proper air circulation happens made me quite eager to try it out. Before talking about my experience with it, let’s talk specs.

AcerPure Cool C2


Dimensions336 x 336 x 80mm
Net Weight7.3 kg
Rated Power80W
Noise (Min/Max)56dB (Turbo)
26dB (Quiet)
Room Coverage (up to)33m²
Purifier SpeedLow / Middle / High / Smart
Air Purifier FunctionAir Quality Sensor
Air Quality indicator
Anion Function
Filter Cleaning Indicator
Circulator SpeedQuiet/Breeze/Low/Middle/High/Turbo
Airflow distance (up to)16m
3 in 1 HEPA FilterPre Filter / Activated Carbon Filter / HEPA Main Filter
Swing ModeUp and Down (90°) / Left and Right (80°)
Other FunctionLock Function / Remote Control / Timer Mode (1h/2h/4h/8h)

User Experience

AcerPure Cool C2

Setting the AcerPure Cool C2 was pretty simple and easy. Since this wasn’t the first air purifier I’ve used from AcerPure, I knew my way around it but even for those who are getting this as a their first air purifier, it should be pretty simple to understand and use.

It’s good that it has an LCD display on the front to show its status, and the touch based buttons are useful too if you’re nearby and need to quickly control it.

AcerPure Cool C2
  • Green – Good
  • Yellow – Medium
  • Red – Poor

There is a remote control included, but it’s kinda small and you might misplace it because the AcerPure Cool C2 doesn’t have a dedicated slot to store the remote. As for purification, it’s quite fast too as it takes about 10 mins to get the room rid of nasi lemak smell.

AcerPure Cool C2

In a separate test, we also placed a fragrance packet on the Cool C2 and it worked really well to spruce up the ambience in the room. An extremely handy trick when you’re hosting for your next family dinner and want your house to smell nice.

After using it for about a month now, it’s pretty much a no fuss device to use because I’ve set it up once with the automated schedule and have never touched it since. Except for when I manually turn it on to air the room, but even so, I’ll use the app for that.


For software, maintenance can be done on the acerpure Life app through firmware updates. For hardware, the only major maintenance is the change of the HEPA filter. Each filter has a fixed amount of life, so be sure to check it in the app, and replace it when the time comes.

Apart from that, just give the AcerPure Cool C2 a good wipe down, and try vacuuming the air vents too, especially if you have pets at home. As long as the regular upkeep and maintenance is being done, the AcerPure Cool C2 should last you a rather long time.


AcerPure Cool C2

Overall, it’s a great 2 in 1 device as it not only cleans and deodorizes the air, but it also circulates clean filtered air in your home. This makes it a much better device than the AcerPure Cozy or AcerPure Pro P2, which only does their single respective task (air circulation, or air purifying). There are plenty of helpful tutorials and videos around the Internet to help you troubleshoot any unexpected and unwarranted incidents.

The AcerPure Cool C2 costs RM1,399 and can be purchased via AcerPure’s online store, Shopee or Lazada. This also makes a great housewarming gift for anyone who’s looking to shift houses, specially if they’re moving to the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. Let us know what you think about the AcerPure Cool C2 if you’ve used it, or are planning to get it!

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AcerPure Cool C2 Review: Best Of Both Worlds 19
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