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Acer Launches Acerpure Clean V1 And Acerpure Clean V1 Lite Lightweight Cordless Vacuums; Priced At RM1,299 And RM599 Respectively

Acer Launches Acerpure Clean V1 And Acerpure Clean V1 Lite Lightweight Cordless Vacuums; Priced At RM1,299 And RM599 Respectively 9

Acerpure clean V1 and acerpure clean V1 Lite, two lightweight cordless vacuums were added by Acer to its acerpure clean series in Malaysia.

Acerpure Clean V1And Acerpure Clean V1 Lite

Acerpure Clean V1 

Acerpure Clean V1 And Acerpure Clean V1 Lite 

Everyday cleaning at home or home office does not have to be a strain on the arm nor a compromise on the performance with the new acerpure clean V1. 

The elegantly designed acerpure clean V1 weighs just 1.5kg including the battery, the ultra-light acerpure clean V1 cordless design, making vacuuming effortless and more enjoyable. 

Acerpure Clean V1 And Acerpure Clean V1 Lite 

The ultra-light weight design does not come with a compromise on performance power. With a 23,000 Pa suction power, users can effortlessly clean every nook and cranny of the house and office. Featuring cyclone technology and 5 stages of filtration, it can easily trap dirt and dust as small as 0.3 microns without affecting its suction pressure. 

Another common and irksome situation when vacuuming is hair getting entangled in the rollers. The independent energy-efficient motor in roller brush with the hair-free technology in the acerpure clean V1 provides improved cleaning efficiency and tangle-free vacuuming.

The 2-in-1 brush allows users to quick-switch between multiple surfaces such as windows, curtains, tables and fans, while the crevice nozzle is useful in reaching narrow and hard to clean spaces such as deep corners, ceilings, and drawers. 

Acerpure Clean V1 And Acerpure Clean V1 Lite 

Hidden dust particles in dark corners can easily be found with the 4 built-in LED lights. And importantly, acerpure clean V1 helps families keep their homes clean with 99.9% mite removal. 

acerpure clean V1 comes with 3 modes – daily mode for the daily cleaning and tidying up, turbo mode for cleaning stubborn pests like dust mites and energy saving mode for small spaces and surfaces. 

Acerpure Clean V1 Lite 

Open any drawers today and we are bound to find lint or dust which have accumulated overtime. Cleaning inside of drawers using a normal vacuum cleaner is cumbersome. 

Designed to clean smaller spaces, the acerpure clean V1 Lite is perfect for spaces such as those inside drawers, cabinets, behind the monitor, the inside of backpacks and even handbags. It is highly portable and comes with angled brush specially designed for corner cleaning and a 2-in-1 brush, making it super convenient and easy to use for different requirements. 

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Acer Launches Acerpure Clean V1 And Acerpure Clean V1 Lite Lightweight Cordless Vacuums; Priced At RM1,299 And RM599 Respectively 10
Acerpure Clean V1 And Acerpure Clean V1 Lite 

Its strong 13,000 Pa suction power ensures that this thoughtfully-design lightweight vacuum cleaner does the job well. Tipping the scales at just 550g, it has a modern storage base and can easily charge by USB Type-C charger. 

Pricing And Availability

Available from 12 December 2022 from Acer Malaysia official store on Shopee and Lazada, acerpure clean V1 and acerpure clean V1 Lite are priced at RM1,299 and RM599 respectively. 

In conjunction with the 12.12 sales and the arrival of acerpure clean series, Acer Malaysia announced the promotion of acerpure clean V1 which will be available at RM1,099with a free acerpure cleanV1 Lite (worth RM599). The acerpure clean V1 Lite will be available for RM369 with a free Acer Day mug. 

The offer for the acerpure clean series is just among two of the many other offers available at Acer’s estore and Acer’s official store on Shopee.

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Acer estore
Acer Official Store (Shopee)
Ibeli Store (Shopee)
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