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Samsung and JinnyBoy’s Chinese New Year Video Keeps Tradition While Embracing Change

Samsung and JinnyBoy's Chinese New Year Video Keeps Tradition While Embracing Change 7

Samsung Malaysia has worked together with Jinnyboy this Chinese New Year with a special video called “The Last Dance”. Traditions are meant to be kept, but it doesn’t mean we should all stay stagnant. We can move forward, while keeping the essence of our tradition intact. And that is what Samsung and Jinnyboy’s video is trying depict, in The Last Dance.

The CNY-themed video is about the lion dance tradition, and how a Lion Dance master, Master Liu, has kept a strict hold on tradition. Later on, he sees how lion dancing can evolve with the help of his apprentices, and embraces the change.

The film portrayed how even tradition is challenged by the likes of the pandemic, but it portrayed respect and progression in a subtle way. The world has millions of opportunities around us, all we have to do is have some faith and embrace the wave of change with a little help from those around us.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, and more made an appearance in the video, along with Samsung appliances like the Sero TV too. These may just be product placement, but the video showed some interesting ways in how we can use technology to improvise on our old traditions.

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Samsung and JinnyBoy's Chinese New Year Video Keeps Tradition While Embracing Change 8

Samsung CNY 2021 – The Last Dance

Samsung CNY 2021 - The Last Dance

Chinese New Year is usually a time that many of us look forward to.
It is a time for us to come together,
To celebrate a culture and history so rich,
To reconnect, to eat, to laugh, to love.

However, this Chinese New Year may be different.
As we continue our fight against the Covid-19 pandemic,
Many of us wait anxiously, to be reunited again,
So how can we keep our spirits high, with all that’s going on around us?

In a strange way, our physical separation is actually a chance to reconnect and stay connected. The discoveries of today has opened up opportunities we could have never dreamed of. This Chinese New Year, keep your spirits high and your loved ones closer.

That is the essence of The Last Dance,
That as long as we are together,
Nothing will truly end,
And celebrations are forever.

May this special short film help us keep sight of what’s important to us all, celebrate our struggles and our victories over difficult times, and remind us to go the extra mile for our neighbors. Most importantly, may we remember to love and cherish one another like never before and to never stop rejoicing in the spirit of the season.

Happy Chinese New Year, and enjoy the video, because we know we did.

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Samsung and JinnyBoy's Chinese New Year Video Keeps Tradition While Embracing Change 8

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